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Upgrade Uniter trophy in Skylanders Giants

Upgrade Uniter

Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander

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How to unlock the Upgrade Uniter trophy

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    General advice:
    - Complete chapter 2 to unlock Persephone; who can then be found in her cabin on Flynn's Ship
    - You will need about 14,000 to 15,000 gold to unlock all of a character's upgrades
    - you will also need the skylander's Soul Gem if it is a Giants' series 1 character.
    - the Winged Sapphires reduce the costs, but only 2% at a time
    - The Luck-o-tron [on Flynn's Ship] can be upgraded with wealth and luck wheel(s) that are found in a few of the chapters. This will speed things up a bit
    - A modest random treasure hoard (200-1000) is found behind the elemental doors in the Game Room on Flynn's Ship.
    - After completing the game, there is a 5000+ treasure drop located on the Crane Deck of Flynn's ship

    The Long Way - Using a Giants' series 1 or 2 character:
    - If you are using Tree Rex or Jet Vac from the Starter Pack, you'll have to find their Soul Gems late in the main story
    - If you use series 2 Cynder, you'll not need to find her Soul Gem
    - Simply play through the early chapters using Cynder as much as possible until you have earned enough to upgrade all her abilities

    The Quicker Way - Using a previously upgraded skylander from Spyros Adventure:
    - When you first use the character in Giants, make sure you assign ownership: press Select > choose Manage > and then Ownership.
    - if the character is already fully upgraded the trophy should unlock
    - otherwise, play Giants with the character to earn enough money to purchase the final few upgrades.

    The VERY QUICK Way - Using SWAP Force and the Sky Diamond:

    - You will need
    -- Skylanders SWAP Force
    -- The Tower of Time Adventure Pack and its Sky Diamond
    -- A friend, or Drobot (series 1 or higher)
    -- Any Giants or Spyro's Adventure skylander

    - Start SWAP Force and have completed the first chapter
    - In Woodburrow, play co-op and add your skylander and either Drobot, or another skylander with a fast rate of fire - Lightwing is another good choice.
    - Head over to the training dummies on the eastern side of Woodburrow
    - Position Drobot, or a fast-firing skylander, next to the top dummy
    - Position your character next to the middle dummy
    - Have your friend start attacking the top dummy (or press and hold SQUARE if you are using Drobot on your own)
    - Pop the Sky Diamond on the portal
    - Now both continually attach the dummies: they will spill out diamonds worth 25 gold that are immediately picked up by both skylanders - all gold is shared.
    --If you are on your own, just old down SQUARE on Drobot's controller.
    - Continue until the Diamond's timer runs out.
    - You'll earn gold so fast the money will carry on accruing on the characters for up to 30 seconds after you're finished
    - If you've do it right you should earn 15-20,000+ for each character.
    - If you like you can visit Gorm's Power Pod and purchase the Soul Gem upgrade.
    - Now simply take the skylander with all that cash to Persephone in Giants, and buy all the remaining upgrades
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