Evil to the Core trophy in inFAMOUS

Evil to the Core

Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.

Evil to the Core0
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How to unlock the Evil to the Core trophy

  • UnInfamousGhostUnInfamousGhost54,322
    23 Aug 2014 24 Aug 2014 21 Jun 2015
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    For this you need to have to purchase the following from the Powers Menu and be at least two sub-stations into The Warren (Chapter 22 - Playing Hero).

    Lightning Bolt:
    Thug (400 XP)
    Outlaw (2,900 XP)
    Infamous (12,000 XP)

    Electromagnetic Shockwave:
    Thug (800 XP)
    Outlaw (1,800 XP)
    Infamous (2,800 XP)

    Arc Lightning:
    Thug (5 Evil Missions)
    Outlaw (10 Evil Missions)
    Infamous (15 Evil Missions)

    Shock Grenade:
    Thug (800 XP)
    Outlaw (1,900 XP)
    Infamous (5,500 XP)

    Megawatt Hammer:
    Thug (800 XP)
    Outlaw (2,500 XP)
    Infamous (5,300 XP)

    That makes it an accumulative 37,500 XP and 15 Side Missions.

    Additionally if you played on Hard, had beaten the game, finished all of the side missions, and collected all of the blast shards (Like I did), and don't want to run around in a desperate attempt to find XP for kills because you just didn't do enough in the missions or don't want to start another new game on a lesser difficulty.

    Then I've found a bit of an XP boosting glitch;
    Pre-note: I recommend being evil so the citizens hate Cole and wish to harm him, because for some reason it seems nearly impossible to get this right on a grounded enemy. The game needs to think someone is attacking Cole, so you're able to get a "Head Shock" on a pedestrian.

    First: To be safe, let them throw a rock at him, then punch or shock them. If you need them back on their feet for any reason Cole can always Heal them (cn_R1 then cn_T).

    Second: This is the part that can be hard to achieve. Cole will then use Bio Leach (cn_R1 then cn_S) to run over to them and he must not make contact with them. You'll see Cole jogging in place trying to get into the right position, but fails. The scared look like you usually would if you were trying to leach their life, but he hasn't made contact so this is perfect!

    External image

    Third: Take a few steps back (as to not hurt Cole) and use you're Lightning Bolt (cn_L1 then cn_R1) to no end for 1 XP per hit. It racks up pretty quickly so go until you're done enough damage. You can use you're Arc Lightning as well, but it drains energy.

    Post-note: At times the pedestrian may vanish if Cole strays too far, or sometimes the game magically thinks you're dead by going to a black screen for a few moments then you will have just died (for no reason at all).

    External image

    External image

    If you're not able to get it to work, run around The Warren and look for the Conduits that spawn the trash bots. Just kill them as they're a one shot kill (3 XP per bot) and they will spawn endlessly as long as you don't accidentally kill the Conduit.

    If you like this solution let me know, and if you have any concerns I'd appreciate a comment before you dislike. Happy Completing!
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  • VirgilMustDie3XVirgilMustDie3X697,057
    02 Jul 2014 01 Jul 2014 02 Jul 2014
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    For this trophy you need to buy the evil versions of lightning bolt, shock wave, shock grenade and megawatt hammer. You also have to do all 15 evil side missions.

    Now EmpathicMIMIC's guide is perfect and great to follow but I have a great tip, all the story missions, side missions and collectibles will give just enuff to max the skills but if you're just doing a quick good/bad run for trophies and dont want to do EVERYTHING again I'd suggest grinding EXP!

    On CH.35 vengeance (the mission you get lightning storm) when you have to stand on the generators til they charge fully, on the third generator keep using lightning storm til the generator hits 75% then run forward up the alley til you fail. You restart back on the generator and keep the EXP (700ish a go), it only takes 50 seconds or less. It's the best way to grind IMO!

    Any complaints/comments welcom!
  • EmpathicMIMICEmpathicMIMIC51,293
    26 Mar 2014 26 Mar 2014
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    In order to purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power, you need:

    1.) To have this trophy
    inFAMOUSTruly InfamousThe Truly Infamous trophy in inFAMOUS worth 47 pointsReach full negative Karma.

    2.) Quite a bit of XP (which you can get from missions, side missions, blast shards, random enemies, etc etc)

    3.) To complete all 15 "Evil" Side Missions

    Upgrades that are neutral (gray in color) do not count towards this trophy, only the upgrades that are in red.

    Questions, corrections and neg vote justifications below.
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