Rockhound trophy in inFAMOUS


Find 100% of the Shards.

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How to unlock the Rockhound trophy

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    First off I'd like to say this trophy is a pain in the ass laugh

    Now that's over here's my guide for the trophy. In Infamous you have to collect these blue shards scattered over the game's map and there is a total of 350 of these (do not get confused with the inclusion of blast shards obtained from missions because they won't matter in getting the trophy faster or not.

    A couple of great sources to use for getting the shards and keeping track is:

    The first link is good for copying into paint and then crossing out each shard needed and the second is good for any tricky ones to get (which most are easy to find as they are out in plain sight minus a couple, but the ign link works really well.

    I also highly recommend keeping track of your number of shards collected by doing them one island at a time, making it easier for you if you happen to accidentally avoid one.

    There are 147 shards in the Neon District (however one of which will not be able to get to with out returning from the second area)
    a total of 135 in the Warren District
    and 68 in the Historic District (the last one)
    Note that the last two districts only unlock after completing a majority of the story and, blast shards do not appear on your map until you pick up an unmissable shard proceeding through the third story mission.

    Have fun going for this very boring trophy!

    PS there is no way to tell where any shards are so its up to you to mark them down
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    Leo_AscendentOk, the gameplay is very similar to Crackdown and crap like this does not help with the comparisons....
    Posted by Leo_Ascendent on 04 Feb 14 at 19:56
    EmpathicMIMICYou do realize that if you press down on the left stick (sense electrical devices) that the blast shards show up on your mini-map, right?

    And the islands are not that big - I have just been going around Neon mashing the left stick. I cleaned that place out and now I moved onto the Warrens.

    Personally, I am not a fan of collectables in titles, but this one is so much easier than others, like Spider-Man 3, Prototype, or any other game Activision makes roll.
    Posted by EmpathicMIMIC on 20 Mar 14 at 14:14
    RealBlazeStorm*sigh* so I followed the second link (really great) and now I have 349 out of 350 shards. Well, that's gonna be running around like an idiot spamming the L3 button cry
    Posted by RealBlazeStorm on 09 Aug 15 at 23:38
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