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The Bigger They Are… trophy in Fallout 3

The Bigger They Are…

Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

The Bigger They Are…0
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How to unlock the The Bigger They Are… trophy

    28 Mar 2014 27 Mar 2014
    To obtain this trophy you must kill a total of 5 Super Mutant Behemoths. They are located in 5 different locations in the Capital Wasteland. Many people use the Fat Man Mini Nuke Launcher to vanquish the beasts. If you do not have one of these fascinating machines, any gun or explosive will suffice. I personally would just walk backwards and drop Frag Mines and let him hit them as he chased me. But it's up to you how you want to do it!

    1. The first Behemoth is located outside Galaxy News Radio. This is the only Behemoth that is tied to the main story. This means you (or the Brotherhood of Steel that is also on the scene) have to kill this Behemoth. There is a convenient Fat Man that you can pick up just before he shows up to help you kill him quickly.

    2. The second Behemoth is located in the Capitol Building on the Mall area of the wasteland. If you enter the building and generally follow the Talon Company Mercs they will eventually lead you to a huge rotunda. The Behemoth is in the big open area. He can easily be killed by standing behind the small doorway since he is too big to go through it! Be cautious of the other Super Mutants in the rotunda with the Behemoth!

    3. The third Behemoth is located in Evergreen Mills and has been "captured" by Raiders (the Behemoth is locked behind an electric fence). The way I see it is you have 2 choices. The first being to kill every Raider in Evergreen Mills and then take on the Behemoth. Or you can go way up on the cliffs overlooking Evergreen Mills and try to snipe the generator that keeps the electricity flowing on his cage. If you can successfully do this, the Behemoth will storm out and start killing all the Raiders for you! That way you save some ammo and can focus on just killing him!

    4. The fourth Behemoth is a little harder to locate. Not only that, he is probably the toughest one to kill too! The easiest way that I found to locate him was to travel to Jury Street Metro (which is roughly located in the middle of the map). From there, walk South-West and look for some overturned/derailed train cars. In one of these cars are some cages. In one of the cages is a teddy bear. Open the cage, take the teddy and wait about 30-60 seconds. The Behemoth comes running up and is ready to smash the crap out of you! I recommend maybe laying a few Frag Mines around the area before grabbing the teddy so he is wounded before he runs into your face!

    5. The fifth and final Behemoth is located at Takoma Industrial. You will need to do a lot of traveling through the underground areas to get here. You start by taking the Metro Junction behind the GNR Building. Then you need to look for Vernon Square exit. When you enter Vernon Square you will see the Vault-Tec HQ. You need to go behind this building to the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro junction. Then travel through that underground area to finally reach Takoma. The Takoma area is filled with Talon Company Mercs and Super Mutants that are battling it out. Either let them kill each other off for awhile or go in guns blazing if you want some XP! The Behemoth himself can be killed by using any weapons you are carrying or the handy mortar strike console/switch on top of a truck that is near the gate where the Behemoth is.

    Once you kill your 5th Behemoth, the trophy will pop. Note that if Talon Company Mercs or the Brotherhood of Steel actually killed the Behemoth, you still get credit. As long as you witness the Behemoth die, you are golden!
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  • AFatalTouchAFatalTouch
    23 May 2014 19 Apr 2014 10 Feb 2015
    To gain this trophy, you will need to kill all the Sper Mutants. There are 5 in total.

    I found the easiest way to kill them, is to use the Fat Man mini nuke, or use the plasma rifle if you have one.

    These are the locations where they can be found:

    1. Before entering Galaxy News Radio: You will encounter the first behemoth before entering the Galaxy News Radio building. Wait for him to breach though the flipped over truck and then wait for the Behemoth to kill a few of the Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers. The body near the statue will contain the Fat Man mini nuke.

    2. Evergreen Mills: The Behemoth is trapped behind an electric fence. First dispose of the Raiders in the area then, go towards the Behemoth but do not open the gate. Instead just keep shooting him though the fence. You can either kill him really fast with the mini nuke, or save your ammo and do it with whatever weapon you have with a good supply of ammo. It will take a while, but you can save yourself another Nuke for later.

    3. The Capital Wasteland: Northeast of Evergreen Mills go to the end of the train tracks where there are 3 trains that are knocked over. In the middle of these are two shopping carts. Inside one is a teddy bear. Take the Teddy bear, and the Behemoth will appear shortly after. Reccomended to use a mini nuke on him, as he can easily kill you in 2 hits.

    4. The Capitol Bulding: This is located in the heart of Washington D.C. The Behemoth is located in the basement of the building. An easy way of killing him is by staying back behind the door where he does not fit though. He will not be able to attack you making this an easy kill.

    5. Takoma Industrial. Takoma is quite far to the east of Galaxy News Radio.He will be in the industrial part, in the backyard area. Reccomended to use a Mini nuke.

    I have added a video guide for those who prefer to visually see where all the Behemots are located. All credit for the video goes to Overkill360 on Youtube.

    Happy hunting!
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