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Mix Master

Placed 25 different types of fish in a tank at the same time.

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How to unlock the Mix Master trophy

  • RayvenMorriganaRayvenMorrigana47,803
    01 Dec 2013 01 Dec 2013
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    To get this trophy you will need to have most of the fish unlocked. Fish unlock as time passes (real time, not game time), so this can be manipulated if you wish. You can do this by either loading up the game, then exiting back to the XMB and putting your consoles date forward a year and loading the game back up, which should also unlock
    My AquariumMy Aquarium MasterThe My Aquarium Master trophy in My Aquarium worth 142 pointsUnlocked all fish.

    Or you can just load the game up every few days. I did it this way and it took roughly 6 - 8 weeks before I had the correct fish to get this trophy.

    Make sure you choose a large fish tank by cycling through them using L1 or R1 until you get to a rank with "L" after the number (E.G. 5L, 6L, etc.) or you can choose a small (S) or medium (M) tank, go to Aquarium Design, Remake Aquarium, and change your selected aquarium to large. Then add one of each of the following fish:

    *Page 1*
    Achilles Tang
    Yellow Piranha
    Freshwater Angelfish

    *Page 2*
    Ocellaris Clownfish
    Clown Killifish
    Clown Loach
    Pakistani Loach
    Sea Angel
    Golden Gourami

    *Page 3*
    Checkered Barb

    *Page 4*
    Tinkeri Butterfly
    Corydoras Narcissus
    Flagtail Surgeonfish
    Neon Tetra
    Cardinal Tetra
    Pastaza Corydoras

    *Page 5*
    Lyretail Hogfish
    Black Molly
    Blue Grass Guppy
    Blue Discus

    *Page 6*
    Sea Horse

    *Page 8*
    Rosy Barb
    Peppered Corydoras

    Press O after you add your final fish to return to the Aqua Center and unlock your trophy.

    A huge thank you to zantres for taking the time to help me figure out the best fish to get this with.

    Please vote positively if this guide was helpful and feel free to leave a comment if I can improve it in any way.
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