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Sakuna the Efflorescent trophy in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna the Efflorescent

Clear the aphid invasion.

Sakuna the Efflorescent0
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How to unlock the Sakuna the Efflorescent trophy

  • SunDowner1SunDowner1
    06 Nov 2021 06 Nov 2021 06 Nov 2021
    The goal for this trophy is to complete all 100 waves in the Aphid invasion mini game in the capital. Towards the end of the story you will play the first 5 waves automatically and it will end, afterwards revisit the capital at any time to continue playing. I found this to be the most difficult trophy in the game as some of the later waves simply overwhelm you with aphids. Here are some tips to help with a successful run:

    - Boosting AP is a must as you MUST use skills to clear the vast amount of aphids at later waves. On my trophy run I had used soups and main dishes for a +74 bonus to AP (I was lvl 53).

    - Rising Carp & Swallow Slice are incredible skills for this trophy. a level 15 Rising Carp will clear dozens of aphids from the base of the tree. if you use the skill slightly off to the right or left of center it will also reach far enough to hit the outside blue aphids that launch ranged attacks at the tree.

    - I've read that you must complete all waves in one sitting and this seems to be untrue. On my trophy run I started at wave 1, failed on wave 77, then continued onto wave 100 and the trophy still popped. I even rested in the village and farmed a bit, plus got an AP boost in between. To be safe start from wave 1 and push through even if you fail a level, it will take about 2-3 hours.
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