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Vending Spree trophy in Control

Vending Spree

Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

Vending Spree-0.3
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How to unlock the Vending Spree trophy

  • Stevey_BearStevey_Bear173,665
    09 Sep 2020 09 Sep 2020 09 Sep 2020
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    I really struggled with this trophy and I was convinced it was permanantly glitched, however, having now achieved it, I thought I'd write down how I did it. I must admit, I did a lot of Googling and the technique I'll explain wasn't discovered by me, but actually gleaned from a few posts I read online. Whilst I cannot take credit, the fact that it worked definitely means it needs sharing.

    This trophy was the last one I had to obtain. I'd managed to discover three possessed vending machines in a short space of time, and had killed two of them... on the third I died from the Hiss before I had chance to destroy it. I do wonder if it was this that glitched it, as afterwards, no matter how many times I traipsed around the DLC area, I could not find another possessed one.

    I had read that you should quit the game and load the chapter 'End Game' - doing this actually wipes all progress from the DLC's and so is a difficult call to make. However, as this was my last trophy, and as I had backed up my save game to the cloud, I decided to give it a go. Given that you lose a lot of progress, and my level of frustration at the time, I turned on one hit kills and invincibility within the new Assist Mode found in the options. I then made my way into the AWE DLC section. The first vending machine I came up to was possessed, but then the next handful I found were not. After a while I decided to quit out and reload. Suffice to say, the next vending machine I hit was possessed - having shot it (with the assisted one shot) the trophy popped. I've seen different numbers from the various posts out there, but for me, I only needed to destroy 4 in total (although I've read it can take as many as 6 though).

    Hope this helps.

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    djknox85You are a godsend good sir thank you so much I did exactly what you said
    Posted by djknox85 on 10 Sep 20 at 11:46
    Stevey_BearNo problems my friend... glad it worked for you too
    Posted by Stevey_Bear on 11 Sep 20 at 14:22
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  • SunDowner1SunDowner1997,982
    21 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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    I've seen many people have difficulty with this trophy, but as of updates thru December 2020 I think they tweaked the spawn rate.

    The easiest way to get this trophy is to turn on invincibility and one shot kills, fast travel to the abandoned offices:

    1) run back towards the fire break for 2 vending machines at security, then proceed through the offices for 1 more (right as you enter).
    2) run to the next section (Operations center) and there is another 1 before the control room and 2 through the other side. That makes 6 opportunities in only a few minutes.
    3) if you dont get an AWE vending machine, quit to main menu and then continue (back @ abandoned offices). If you did then fast travel back to save progress and repeat.

    This method only took me 4 restarts to get 5 vending machines and popping the trophy. You MAY only need 4 machines I hear. I got 1-2 every run. Maybe I'm the luckiest SOB ever, but I think the spawn rates have been adjusted.
  • MitoticActivityMitoticActivity930,411
    01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    The altered vending machines run away when you shoot them. Turn on one hit kills and immortality. I needed 4 for the trophy; found one playing through the story and had to grind 3 more for about 45 minutes after. While the altered machines appear random I figured I'd share my method if it helps others. I fast traveled through the following 5 fast travel points which have nearby vending machines, shoot machines, quit to menu, reload game, and then repeat the cycle. The machines that were altered for me are starred:

    Fra Mauro AWE Entrance -
    1 directly in front of you at control point
    Go through debris/door *1 machine to right of security gate
    Through security gate 1 at top of right stairs

    Operations center -
    Run through doors in front of you, turn right into Operations Center
    *1 machine around corner on left (still upstairs)
    Just past this go immediately through control room and there are *2 outside the second doors

    AWE Loading Bay -
    Go through door to loading bay, 1 on left down the short stairs

    Sealed firebreak -
    1 at control point
    Through security gate 1 immediately on left

    Abandoned offices -
    Turn around, veer right into central hallway, first right, turn left. *1 machine
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