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I’ll Take the Physical Challenge trophy in God of War (PS3)

I’ll Take the Physical Challenge

Complete the Challenge of the Gods

I’ll Take the Physical Challenge0
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How to unlock the I’ll Take the Physical Challenge trophy

  • EmpathicMIMICEmpathicMIMIC
    19 Jul 2013 29 Jul 2013 29 Jul 2013
    This trophy is somewhat annoying, but not that daunting. The only problem is you have to do all 10 challenges in one go - if you stop for any reason, you will need to start from the beginning next time you attempt it.

    You will need to knock 8 shielded soldiers off the platform. Very easy - just press the grab button (O) and you will push them back, and eventually off the edge of the platform. This is a timed event, so you need to be quick.

    CHALLENGE 2: Once again, a timed event. This time you need to kill the undead archers and soldiers before time runs out. Jump + L1 + "O" is your friend here (does area damage and sends people off the platform edges easily wink). Archers are easy to dispatch, but the shielded enemies are more annoying. The combo above will destroy shields, so this will lessen the headache. Also note that you do not need to worry about the stupid birds that will dive bomb you regularly. Killing them is not part of the challenge.

    There are four main platforms (a square formation). You also have the Army of Hades ability, but I would save that for the last platform and only if you are running out of time.

    This is the challenge that took me forever... angry. You need to break all the pots in about 20 seconds. After many attempts I found the lack of combos to be your best bet. Simply hit the X button once, or twice at most, as you go around the platform. Your blades have reach, so utilize it. I tried bigger attacks that do more area damage, but you only have about 20 seconds, and those bigger attacks take a few seconds to come out of.

    CHALLENGE 4: You need to kill 4 minotaurs and nothing else. This one is somewhat annoying, as the undead soldiers love to get in the way roll. I used a lot of heavy attacks and focused on the minotaurs. If you can get the minotaurs up in the air (holding triangle) and juggle them that helps. You will hit the undead soldiers sometimes, but stay focused on the minotaurs. When you see the "O" above their heads, take advantage of the mini-game.

    CHALLENGE 5: Another annoying challenge - you need to hit the undead soldiers with the giant crossbow, and not hit any of the living soldiers. Undead soldiers are running on the outside of the circular platform, while living soldiers are running on the inside.

    If you look at the platform like a clock, and pull back the crossbow when the undead soldiers are at ~1 o'clock, then you should do well here.

    CHALLENGE 6: During this challenge you will need to get across the moving platforms while archers shoot you with flaming arrows. Fun stuff. Oh, and you have ~35 seconds to do it, too, so no breaks.

    This one isn't so bad until you get to the last two moving platforms, that move every 10 seconds. Utilize the double jump here, and do your best to ignore enemies.

    With this one you need to kill all the enemies while not taking damage. I found this one to be manageable with the jump + L1 + O move again. Most of the enemies I knocked off the platform.

    You are also timed here, so you need to dispatch everyone (relatively) quickly. Heavy combo finishers is good here as well, but I found being up in the air left less time for some random enemy to get an attack in. If you are on the ground, don't forget to roll!

    CHALLENGE 8: The gauntlet! Here you have to take down all the enemies. Seems easy, except they keep respawning roll. There is also an enemy here which makes the jump + L1 + O not such a good idea: gorgons. If they can land a stone gaze on you while you are airborne then you are dead by the time you hit the ground.

    Rolling here is essential. Keep moving, and try to get enemies airborne a lot. There is no timer with this one, so don't worry about doing this quickly. If you see an opening, then go for the jump + L1 + O attack to knock enemies off the platform (insta-death wink). There are a lot of enemies that spawn, but once you get down to just the gorgon's spawning, then you are almost at the finish line.

    CHALLENGE 9: Here you need to kill 4 cyclops before the time runs out. You have a little more than 2 minutes to knock this out, but you also have those damn Satyrs to deal with roll. Use a lot of heavy finishers to stun the cyclops so you can wail on the uninterrupted by their clubs.

    You also have a full Rage meter, so if you need it towards the end, go ahead and activate the Rage of the Gods wink.

    CHALLENGE 10: Last one, people. Here you have cerberus puppies (3) and Satyrs (2) that respawn on a fairly tiny platform. Killing enemies makes another platform descend. The goal is to kill enough enemies to make the descending platform accessible.

    There is no timer here, but it can still be annoying. The Satyrs have a nasty combo that will knock you off the platform. Your best bet here is to focus primarily on the Satyrs. Hold triangle to get the airborne, and the use the L1 + O while in the air. If done correctly, you will knock at least 1 of the Satyrs off the platform as well as all the puppies. Keep it up until the platform is within reach.

    If you fail any challenge, you will restart from the beginning of that challenge, but (as I stated before) if you leave the challenges completely prior to completing them, then you will need to start over from the beginning. So if you are getting frustrated with Challenge 8, it is better to stick it out rather than quit and come back to it again (only to find you need to complete 1 through 7 all over again angry).

    Below is a link to a video I used for most (if not all) the challenges. Credit goes to HumanVersusVideoGame:

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    ShinAkuma0Great solution 🙃.

    For challenge 9 if you jump above the cyclops and use the L1 + Triangle combo, you can spam it repeatedly and it takes them down quickly.
    Posted by ShinAkuma0 on 20 Mar 21 at 22:13
    Agreed - those Satyr's would get in a cheap shot, and I would find myself falling to my death.
    it took me 3 hours on challenge 10... till 4 in the morning. I hate those Satyr's
    Posted by pcfraek on 31 Jan 23 at 01:55
    ExodusAttack85Great guide and very helpful. It's funny how many different methods seem to work for people.

    Challenge 8 I got first attempt by still using the L1+O move. I was just very careful to do do it right after dodging the Gorgon stare moves. Even if I did get "stoned" I had enough separation after the slam move to get out of it.

    Challenge 6 I actually spent the most time on laugh. Not sure why, but it took me about 20 minutes of retries. Annoying!

    Challenge 10 I tried a few suggestions and ultimately the Ascension L1+X moves were the trick for me. It was tough, but ironically took me less time than 6.

    I completely missed this series and am finally going through all the games in release order. 1 down! Cheers.
    Posted by ExodusAttack85 on 09 Mar 23 at 15:24
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  • SKL_90SKL_90
    23 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017
    I did not have much issue with challenges 1-9 but struggled with 10. This is not my guide but thought I would post as this is the strategy that got me through challenge 10 without much issue.

    The key is to use Apollo's Ascension cn_L1 + cn_X to get them in the air then Apollo's Offensive cn_L1 + quickly press cn_X to knock them off.

    Video Credit to bystanderg

  • boldfox85boldfox85
    08 Oct 2015 08 Oct 2015
    Here is a brilliant solution for challenge 10 I just used. The guide was made by HTF1025. This is his solution:

    For Challenge # 10, I thought I would never get this trophy. I tried all of the strategies that I could find on the web and nothing worked. And I came across one of the strategies that goes like the following:

    Use the Blade of Artemis, and just spam [jump (or double jump) + Triangle] which will knock off the satyrs off the stage. The key is being able to rotate Kratos facing the satyr once you are in mid air. If you missed, there's a good chance your attack will be countered by the satyr and 9 out of 10 you will be getting a combo that knocks you off.

    During my successful try I didn't particularly spend any time on the dogs, just keep spamming [Jump + Triangle] to knock off the satyrs. Give it a few tries and you will get the hang of it.

    The key:
    1. The Blade of Artemis
    2. Ju

    I really recommend it. I failed so many times using other strategies but by switching weapons, I found this the best way.
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    Posted by IMrYoUSeFI on 26 Jan 17 at 04:22
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