Kickboxer trophy in God of War (PS3)


Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle

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How to unlock the Kickboxer trophy

  • EmpathicMIMICEmpathicMIMIC51,349
    09 Jul 2013 26 Jul 2013
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    Story related Trophy - impossible to miss.

    When you go after the two necklaces (Aphrodite and Hera's necklaces) you will enter a room with a lever and a bunch of holes in the ground. Pulling the lever closes the entrance, but also opens a door that has a stone box behind it. You will not have much time to get the box around the corner so you can use it as a stepping stone before a bunch of nasty spikes pop up from the ground and impale you 7 ways from Sunday.

    And don't think you can simply jump on the stone box if you are running out of time: those wonderful spikes destroy it roll.

    There is a ticking sound you hear on the screen after you pull the lever. Gradually the beat speeds up (a great means of building suspense shock) until it stops completely. Once that happens you have about 1 second before spikes make you Swiss cheese.

    You need to kick the box around that room - that is the only way you will get through in time. If you fail you start at the beginning of the room, so no worries if you mess up.
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  • SKL_90SKL_9037,868
    23 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017
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    If you are getting frustrated with this puzzle, there is another way to get the necklace without completing the puzzle.

    You need to be in the corner facing the ledge. Press and Hold cn_T until you leap into the air. At the jump's highest point you need to activate Poseidon's Rage then start pressing cn_S until Kratos starts to swing his swords then press cn_X to jump and grab the ledge. It may take a few attempts to get the timing right but when you get it right, you can bypass the puzzle completely and you will still get the trophy upon picking the necklace up!

    Video Credit to guineapig85

  • PSXtreme_PSXtreme_200,226
    09 Jul 2019 09 Jul 2019
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    There is another bypass to the box-kicking method...

    Go up to the ledge and hold cn_L1 and cn_X together. While you are in the air, use Poseidon's Rage (cn_L2) and while the rage is going on mash on cn_L1 and cn_S together.

    After the rage has completed, your cn_L1 and cn_S sequence will start. Immediately after that has begun, mash on cn_X to get a double jump and grab the ledge!
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