False King's Trophy in Demon's Souls (PS3)

False King's Trophy

Slayer of Demon “False King”

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How to unlock the False King's Trophy trophy

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    Old King Allant, or the False King, is the boss of World 1-4 (Boletaria), and the Archdemon (final boss) of that world. Taking on the appearance of the real King Allant, he is the only Archdemon in the game that doesn't involve some gimmick to defeat him; it's all about skill and learning his attacks and knowing what to do when he uses them.

    First of all, Old King Allant is highly resistant to magic and magic weapons, and partially so to fire. If you're a melee-based player, you'll want a weapon that does a high amount of damage per hit (rather than one that does low damage but consumes less stamina). Several of Allant's attacks will hit you for a small amount of health regardless of your shield, so be prepared to stock up on Grass (1-4 is great for this; you should have a fair amount of Full Moon and New Moon Grass by now).

    Fighting Old King Allant mainly revolves around knowing when to block or roll: his shockwave attacks can be simply blocked, but his charge attack where he quickly surges towards you and swipes horizontally should be avoided through rolling to the side. When he does this, attack him once or twice and roll away from him. When he stops and charges for a massive AoE spell, you have two options: attack or run. If you're already at a distance and can't close it quickly enough, run away, as the spell is huge and very damaging. If you instead choose to attack him, you can interrupt him while he charges it, stopping him and allowing you to get some free hits off (might as well two-hand your weapon here briefly for increased damage); you'll do increased damage to him while he charges this spell, and if you're at a distance, sometimes he'll attempt to cast it in repeated succession, allowing you several easy hits with spells or a bow.

    Aside from this, Allant also has another attack which should be avoided: Soulsucker. This close-range attack has a quick charge-up will drain you of one Soul level, and he can use it more than once. It can also kill. Should you die during the battle after he uses Soulsucker, you can reclaim the Souls you lost to Soulsucker as well as the ones you had on you from your Bloodstain, but if you win the battle following a successful Soulsucker, you'll lose the souls he took. Because of this special attack, it's best not to follow up with too many consecutive attacks on him.

    Ultimately, Allant is aggressive and relentless, but suffers from having easily-readable attacks (once you know them). The primary strategy is to keep a moderate distance and let him come to you: roll to the side when he lunges forward, attack him, and roll away. Repeat this until he finally dies. You should also attack him when he charges his AoE spell, but remember that engaging him at close range is an extremely dangerous game as he usually unleashes a flurry of combos that can quickly kill you. Even as a spell-caster, you should keep your distance and only cast your spells after he lunges or charges, as he usually avoids your spells otherwise.

    As he is in many ways the final boss of the game, you should ideally have high Vitality and Endurance, and thus have high health and stamina at this point. If you're finding this difficult, remember that 1-3 and 1-4 are great for farming Grass if you need it.

    Archdemon notes:
    All Archdemons are arguably easy and require some kind of "gimmick" or particular method to defeat them, with exception to Old King Allant. They usually occur immediately following the second boss fight of each World, again with exception to Old King Allant.

    After defeating your first Archdemon, the thick, colourless fog that blocks you from progressing into World 1-3 (Boletaria) disappears.

    After defeating your third Archdemon, the background music in the Nexus changes from the "Maiden in Black" theme to a theme called "The Nexus".

    After defeating your fifth and last Archdemon, you can speak to the Maiden in Black to travel below the Nexus and complete the game. As soon as you defeat the final Archdemon, however, you can no longer level up (until you defeat the Phalanx again in New Game+).

    After defeating an Archdemon, Patches, the Hyena will gain new stock back at the Nexus:
    • Sticky White Stuff and Cat's Ring (available after killing two Archdemons)
    • New Moon Grass and White Arrows (available after killing three Archdemons)
    • Dark Moon Grass and Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (available after killing four Archdemons)

    For other Archdemons, see:

    Archdemon of World 2-3:
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    Archdemon of World 3-3:
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    Archdemon of World 4-3:
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    Archdemon of World 5-3:
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    See also:
    The Demon's Souls wikidot's article on Old King Allant:

    World 1 bosses
    "Phalanx's Trophy", awarded for defeating the boss of World 1-1 (also the first boss in the game, not including the Vanguard in the Tutorial):
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    "Tower Knight's Trophy", awarded for defeating the boss of World 1-2:
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    "Penetrator's Trophy", awarded for defeating the boss of World 1-3:
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    Other Boletaria-related trophies
    "Flying Dragon's Trophy", awarded for killing the Blue Dragon in World 1-4 (must be killed before defeating Old King Allant, else it disappears):
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    "Old King's Trophy", awarded for defeating Old King Doran in World 1-1 using Ostrava of Boletaria's Mausoleum Key:
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