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Sage's Trophy

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How to unlock the Sage's Trophy trophy

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    There are a total of 22 Spells to be learned in this game. You'll need to play through the game at least twice with the same character, as some Demon Souls can be given to both Yuria and Freke for different spells, and you only get one of each Demon Soul per playthrough. As such, you should make sure you don't spend the required Demon Souls on anything else (or consume them). When you play through the game a second time with the same character, enemies gain an increase in health and damage output, known as New Game+.

    Before you can learn any, you'll need both Intelligence and Magic stats of at least 10. Once you have so, talk to Freke's Apprentice in the Nexus and you can buy the following seven Spells:

    • Cloak (500 Souls)
    • Demon's Prank (500 Souls)
    • Flame Toss (1,000 Souls)
    • Enchant Weapon (5,000 Souls)
    • Protection (5,000 Souls)
    • Soul Arrow (1,000 Souls)
    • Water Veil (500 Souls)

    To unlock the rest, you'll need to save Sage Freke and Yuria, the Witch.

    To save Freke, go to World 3-1 (Tower of Latria) and play through the level as normal. Before fighting the boss, Fool's Idol, head up the tower to the right (facing the church from the massive structure that fires arrows) and follow the path to where the Dregling who revives the boss is sitting (you should definitely kill him, by the way) – the Special Key to Freke's cell is behind him on the wall. Now backtrack to Freke's cell, open it, talk to him (he'll give you Geri's Stiletto), and on your return to the Nexus he can be found in an alcove near his Apprentice.

    To save Yuria, go to World 1-3 (Boletarian Palace) – which is only accessible once you've defeated your first Archdemon – and proceed to kill the two Fat Officials located through the level; they'll drop the Iron Ring of Keys and the Official's Cap. Now backtrack to just before the Tower Knight's Archstone and open the locked door on the right using the Iron Ring of Keys. Head down and kill the Fat Official here for the Bloody Key. Before heading off, you may unlock the cell containing Biorr and talk to him – in return he'll help you against The Penetrator boss at the end of this level. Back at the beginning of 1-3, head to the right and open the locked gate in the alley with the Bloody Key. Follow this pathway; it seemingly ends at the top of a tower with two ring pickups, but equip the Official's Cap and a Fat Official above will laugh and lower a previously-hidden staircase. Follow it upwards, kill the Fat Official, take off the Official's Cap and talk to Yuria. Again, she'll be found in a corner near Freke and his Apprentice upon returning to the Nexus.

    The following nine Spells can be bought from Freke with the Souls you get for defeating their respective Demon:

    • Warding (Iron Demon's Soul [1-2 Tower Knight])
    • Light Weapon (Silver Demon's Soul [1-3 Penetrator])
    • Fire Spray (Hard Demon's Soul [2-1 Armor Spider])
    • Fireball (Dragon Demon's Soul [2-3 Dragon God])
    • Soul Ray (Doll Demon's Soul [3-1 Fool's Idol])
    • Homing Soul Arrow (Yellow Demon's Soul [3-3 Old Monk])
    • Poison Cloud (Wriggling Demon's Soul [5-1 Leechmonger])
    • Acid Cloud (Eroded Demon's Soul [5-2 Dirty Colossus])
    • Death Cloud (Pureblood Demon's Soul [5-3 Maiden Astraea])

    The final six Spells can be bought from Yuria, also with the Souls you get for defeating their respective Demon:

    • Cursed Weapon (Silver Demon's Soul [1-3 Penetrator])
    • Ignite (Hard Demon's Soul [2-1 Armor Spider])
    • Firestorm (Dragon Demon's Soul [2-3 Dragon God])
    • Soul Thirst (Yellow Demon's Soul [3-3 Old Monk])
    • Relief (Pureblood Demon's Soul [5-3 Maiden Astraea])
    • Soulsucker (Maiden in Black Demon's Soul)

    Soulsucker can only be purchased in New Game+, as the Maiden in Black Demon's Soul is automatically given to the player after completing the game. Because it is only unlocked upon getting the 'good ending', be sure to leave the Old One after killing King Allant at the end of the game; killing the Maiden in Black and getting the 'bad ending' simply unlocks the Beast's Demon's Soul, which has no value regarding Spells, and then the player will be forced to play through the game again.
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