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How to unlock the Golden Guy trophy

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    The more games you play the easier this becomes, here are my individual tips for each minigame that I have learnt on my way to achieving this trophy.
    These are all minigames for season 1, as of October 6th 2020 Season 2 will commence so these may alter or change.

    Racing Minigames:
    Dizzy Heights – I always follow the direction that the spinning platform is going, whether it be clockwise or anti-clockwise, this speeds you up. If you fall at the next section don’t worry, still very easy to complete this quickly.

    Hit Parade – When you come to the purple spinning obstacles, try and stay with the pack so you speed through. When going past the balls run through the middle. For the last part on the slime, run up on either side, it is easy to avoid the moving ‘kebabs’.

    See Saw – Take your time, you can still qualify easily if you fall off a number of times. Don’t take risks and if you know you aren’t going to make a jump, just wait. Try and stay in the middle of each platform so it doesn’t move and makes the jump to the next easier.

    Door Dash – Stay in the top third of the pack, you won’t risk hitting a solid door, and you won’t be caught in the massive pile nearing the end.

    Tip Toe – I always do a leap of faith at the beginning, on several occasions I have managed to get all of the way to the end by just doing this. Otherwise, stay in the middle of the pack, and wait for other people to highlight the way. The last 2 tiles are always a straight line, so once the second last one is highlighted, make a run for it! DON’T FORGET TO JUMP TO THE FINISH LINE.

    The Whirlygig – To get ahead, at the beginning I let the pink beams smack me to the front of the pack. The jump at the end if you fail can be done a couple more times, just take your time and you will make it.

    Slime Climb – Quite a lot of platforming, best advice is to take your time as the slime raises quite slowly. If you fall off you can try the section at least once or twice.

    Fruit Chute – Always jump at the beginning, try and stay away from others as they can cause you to fall and be respawned at the top. Stay on either side, and hide behind the pink barricades when available. DON’T FORGET THE BROWN LOG AT THE END! It shoots down quickly in the middle and can get you easily killed!

    Survival Minigames:
    Jump Club – Always watch the green beam, and move accordingly so you can easily make the jump. This is difficult as others can grab/get in your way whilst jumping…

    Roll Out – Avoid jumping, I run from each end and then repeat. If you get a long platform, run on it like a treadmill and this will waste a lot of time.

    Block Party – The obstacles are quite easy to jump over, just need to avoid the quick ‘U’ shaped blocks which can trap you.

    Perfect Match – You can do the first 2 stages by remembering 2 fruits and 4 fruits respectively. The last stage is 6 fruits. If you aren’t good at memory games, try to at least remember 4 fruits around you. If the 33.33% chance that it isn’t your fruit, just follow the other members and pray that it is correct!

    Tail Tag – Luck based, if you have the tail for 99% of the game you can still lose at the last second! If you have a tail be unpredictable.

    Egg Scramble – Quite luck based, but the gold egg is worth 5. If I notice that a team is quite a way behind, then I will focus on getting that team’s eggs even lower, as they find it hard to get back the eggs if they are just defending.

    Rock n' Roll - Help the team push the ball as quickly as possible. During the end, you can let your teammates roll the ball to the goal, but stop the other team by keeping it away.

    Fall Ball – Team dependent so this can be luck based. I always go up front rather than defend. To get the most amount of power onto the ball jump when it is coming towards you.

    Team Tail Tag – Luck based, cut others off, and try running in a straight line if others are chasing you.

    Jinx – Try and cut others off to grab them off guard. If dodging be unpredictable.
    Hoopsie Daisy – Try and be in a different area to your team members, this will mean you have a larger area over the field. Getting the gold rings is vital to winning as they are worth 5 points.

    Hoarders – Quite luck based, I always aim for the team who has the lowest balls, as long as they lose, you will qualify.

    Fall Mountain – A great tip is to stick to either the left- or right-hand side, because then there is only 1 side that the balls can hit you from. Avoid them as best as you can, and then make sure to time the jump for the crown correctly and hold R2!

    Royal Fumble – Luck based minigame to end. Be unpredictable. My only tip is that if you have the tail and are only a couple of seconds left, if the chasing pack is behind you then run in a straight line, because everyone is the same speed they can’t catch you. If you are trying to catch the tail, attempt to cut the holder off.

    Hex-A-Gone – Stay on as long as possible! Jumping onto each hexagon is a great way to prolong the time you are on a layer. You can also run from each side to side, the turning of the Fall Guy slows you down.

    Jump Showdown – If you sense that a platform is going to drop, make sure you that you are in a good to leap of faith to another platform if needed. I jump over the beam when I’m running. It is difficult to time, but you can mess people up by grabbing them quickly then jumping yourself.
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