Skully (EU)

Skully (EU)

Skully (EU)

Revenge of the Collector trophy in Skully (EU)

Revenge of the Collector

Find 100% of the collectibles in 12 chapters

Revenge of the Collector+3.5
Gamer Gamer Date Won
USA GamingWithAbyss1 GamingWithAbyss1 04 August 2020
Germany TrophyTomGuides TrophyTomGuides 07 August 2020
Denmark asmod11 asmod11 14 August 2020
England Steel-Turismo Steel-Turismo 20 August 2020
Scotland donald047 donald047Platinum trophy earned = Pre-order PS5. God that was a tough one lol(thank you Argos) 20 August 2020