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Journeyman trophy in The Last of Us Part II


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How to unlock the Journeyman trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed
    20 Jun 2020 21 Jun 2020 21 Jun 2020
    Both Ellie and Abby have their own manuals to collect. Most are fairly easy to find if you're in the habit of playing Naughty Dog games, you'te used to exploring.

    A. Crafting - Downtown Seattle.

    When you reach the open area of Seattle's Downtown district with Ellie, consulting your map, you will see an broken high way, destroyed in multiple places. Find your way to the pet store just above where the highway start in the middle of the map. Turn around and notice a Fire Engine on the Highway. To get there yoy need to use the Truck on the Engines right and sprint jump across to the Fire Engine. Once thete, open up the side and pick up the hose. Then throw it over the edge where the road used to be and abseil down. Infront of you is an overturned delivery vehicle. Inside the back is the Manual.
    Warning - players who preordered the game shouldn't worry if you can't see it. Simply open up your backpack and it should already be there. It may also spawn as the bext training manual Stealth

    B. Stealth - Capitol Hill (Day 1 Seattle)

    In the bookstore across from the Petrol station.
    You need to climb the fence using a dumpster to get to this point. Once inside the bookstore the manual is towards the back of a Till point.

    C. Precision - Hillcrest (Seattle day 2)

    Hillcrest is a pinickety map. Once you find the workbench for this chapter, which to be honest, is on the mission path, so you shouldn't miss this one. You'll eventually leave this building and enter in to a high street. The shop you want is Goldstar Liqour.
    This is the only way to get in to the Nursary to reach it.
    Drop down in to the cellar and take out all the infected inside. They're shamblers, so stealth is useless here, just fill them with lead or douse them in fire with a molotov. Where yoy see light coming through the wall, head out this exit. This is the nursary. The Manual is on the floor to your right hand side.

    D. Explosives - The Seraphites (Seattle day 3)

    Ellie's last manual isn't as hard to find as the last if you're not as good at exploring in games as others may be.
    After seeing an overpass, with a truck, car and a Taxi underneath it. Head left and spot a lorry jammed up against the roof of an entrance to a block of flats. Climb the lorry on to this small roof. Break the window and enter the building. You should be in a hallway with a set of stairs facing you. Turn left and enter this appartment.
    Go right down the back and find a workbench, using this triggers a fight with four himan enemies. Kill them all, mod your weapon if you wish and on you way out spot a door on your left that is now open. Theu were sleeping in here, go inside to find the manual.


    A. Covert Ops - On Foot

    At one point in this mission you'll become seperated from two of your party and you need to help another get out of the building. Eventually, you'll come to a boat hanging from cables. Nearby to your right is a ladder. place it to get across to the Boat and then enter the Boat itself to find the training manual.

    B. Close Quarters - Hostile Territory

    By far this is the one you DO NOT want to miss, especially if you're playing on a harder difficulty, this manual can make Abby seriously OP in a fair few situations.
    When you split up with Manny you'll see a shop infront of you. It has Spicy dumplings in the window. Once you get through this shop, you'll see a flight of stairs goong down in to a textiles shop. Ignore that and turn the corner left. In the building we just left is a broken window. The manual is inside.

    C. Firearms - The (spooky) Forrest **Editors note, sorry adlibbed there**

    Once you've decided whether to be murderous and take everyone, including the dogs, out or just stealthing passed them to the red door. You'll encounter a miniboss. He's not that hard to take down. Once he's dead, proceed to find the Auto repair shop and turn right once in the door and at the end of the corridor, right again to find the office. In here is the Manual.

    D. Ordinance - The (angry) Coast **I promise I'll stop now**

    This kills two birds with one stone. It's inside the Captain's safe onboard the ship.
    Not far from the helm. You'll see a smaller safe than you're used too. The combo is 90-77-01.
    The trophy pops once you presscn_O to put it in your backpack.

    This concludes the collection. These are the hard spawns where you'll always find them, several gamers have said on various sites that they can spawn in random locations if you miss one, as long as you're still on the same section IE "Seattle Day 2"
    If this is true, please confirm in the comments so I can confirm it in the solution.
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    MrWilliamThorThis video has shows all collectibles including all training manuals.

    ► Timestamps:

    Waking Up [0:00]
    The Overlook [1:11]
    Patrol [1:53]
    Packing Up [6:09]
    The Gate [7:22]
    Downtown [11:39]
    Eastbrook Elementary [25:44]
    Capitol Hill [26:52]
    Channel 13 [34:14]
    The Tunnels [35:06]
    The Theater [39:43]
    The Birthday Gift [41:22]
    Hillcrest [42:57]
    Finding Strings [50:39]
    The Seraphites [51:42]
    Road to the Acquarium [1:01:24]
    The Flooded City [1:05:52]
    Infiltration [1:13:09]
    Tracking Lesson [1:13:50]
    The Stadium [1:15:27]
    On Foot [1:17:02]
    The Forward Base [1:20:19]
    Hostile Territory [1:21:52]
    The Forest [1:28:13]
    The Coast [1:29:02]
    The Shortcut [1:33:28]
    The Descent [1:36:57]
    Ground Zero [1:41:25]
    The Marina [1:44:58]
    The Island [1:45:39]
    The Escape [1:48:37]
    2425 Constance [1:49:25]
    Pushing Inland [1:49:57]
    The Resort [1:51:48]
    Posted by MrWilliamThor On 21 Jun 20 at 23:22
    SolaceCreedIf you wanted to post a video, a guide of your own would have been better.
    Posted by SolaceCreed On 22 Jun 20 at 05:20
    PSUConnI found Ellie's crafting manual in a different location. After entering the courthouse it was on the bottom floor right before dropping down the elevator shaft. I had to break a window to get passed a locked door and it was in a safe that had the combination on a note in the room and written on one of the walls as well.
    Posted by PSUConn On 08 Oct 20 at 13:20
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