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Perfect Crime trophy in Heavy Rain (PS3)

Perfect Crime

Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free

Perfect Crime0
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How to unlock the Perfect Crime trophy

  • LizardKingv666LizardKingv666
    Locked 17 Sep 2013 17 Sep 2013
    This trophy is called "Perfect Crime" and will unlock if the Origami Killer is free at the end of the game.

    I found a very good guide on youtube for this. All credits go to "Bob Hall" who has ulpoaded a great video guide and has written down the requirements.

    To get this one, the killer has to win and all witnesses have to be dead (or in Ethan's case, arrested).

    - Hassan has to get killed by the robber.
    - Ethan has to get arrested.
    - After Manfred is murdered you have to remove all of your fingerprints from the scene.
    - Lauren has to remain in the car to die.
    - You have to let Kramer have a heart attack.
    - Madison has to get killed in the apartment.
    - Finally, Jayden has to die at the end.

    You can NOT load each chapter seperately, you must play through the game and choose to save. But, you can load from the first requirement you missed && play through from there instead of the beginning of the game.

    I thought this should be posted here for our community.

    As always: Vote as you like! I just want to help!

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    ElvenMage95Thanks for the great guide bro :)
    Posted by ElvenMage95 On 04 Feb 15 at 00:56
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  • Leo_AscendentLeo_Ascendent
    22 Dec 2013 10 Dec 2013 12 Dec 2013
    There are several requirements for this trophy, some have claimed you can use chapter select to get to the first requirement while some say they've tried and still did not unlock the trophy. It's up to you which you do, I say better safe than sorry.

    First requirement: Remove all the fingerprints (Scott's and Lauren's) from Manfred's shop

    The list is as noted below.

    - The white phone where Manfred was murdered.
    - The black phone behind the front desk.
    - The bathroom door. (Only if you touched it by entering the bathroom)
    - The magnifying glass.
    - The glass you drank scotch from. (Clean both if you can't remember which one)
    - The scotch bottle. (You never touch it, but better safe than sorry)
    - The dancing ballerina.
    - The glass display case where Lauren leans on it. (if you take too long to find Manfred at the beginning)
    - The front door.
    - Back window of room with Manfred's body. (If you open after discovering Manfred's body)
    Wipe all of them and the screen will shift to Manfred's corpse when you leave, otherwise it'll show the item you missed.

    Second requirement: Lauren, Kramer and Hassan must die

    Hassan - When you enter the store, talk to Hassan, when the robber enters, do nothing, he'll get shoot and die.

    Kramer - Do not give him his medication when he has his heart attack, if you are hit 3 times, you will not be able to earn this trophy.

    Lauren - Let her drown, you can do nothing (Scott will get out on his own) or do all the QTE's.

    Third requirement: Madison and Norman also must die by the Killers hand

    This one is sometimes confusing, as people think they can just die whenever (see Mad Jack or The Doc), this is not true, the Origami Killer must kill them.

    Jayden must die at either Fish Tank (Paco's private room) or at the warehouse, simply do nothing in either case and he'll die.

    *IMPORTANT* Regarding Jayeden, I found this, make sure you make note of it if you're having Jayden go to the warehouse:

    If Ethan gets arrested in the chapter On the Loose and Jayden solves the puzzle, Jayden will come to save Shaun instead. Just begin by saving Shaun. After you saved him, Scott appears and kicks you away. Now because of a glitch, you cannot let Jayden die here as it won't count towards the Perfect Crime trophy. Instead disarm Shelby and let Jayden die at the conveyor belt
    Madison must die in the killers apartment, some have said she can die at the warehouse but again, better safe than sorry. Just leave her in the 'safe room' and she'll die, or jump from the window, or stand next to the canister. Your choice.

    Fourth requirement: Scott goes free

    The easiest way to do this is have everyone dead (or in jail for Ethan) by the time you are supposed to go to the warehouse.

    Fifth requirement: Ethan is dead or in jail

    Ethan should be arrested in 'Fugitive' (after the Lizard Trial), then rescued by Jayden and arrested again on the chapter, 'On the Loose' (where Ethan must escape the motel), otherwise you risk screwing up this trophy. Doing it this way will earn you two additional trophies, if you haven't already earned them.

    Heavy Rain (PS3)Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Heavy Rain (PS3) worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    Heavy Rain (PS3)Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Heavy Rain (PS3) worth 19 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    Ethan can be killed if he goes to the warehouse alone (however Shaun will live and his death might be required), but the jail method earns you a trophy, so it might be more worthwhile.

    Final requirement: Shaun is dead

    Some say this isn't needed, but again, as I've said many times, better safe than sorry. This is accomplished by killing Jayden and Madison and having Ethan in jail.

    If you done everything outlined above, you should earn this trophy.
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    Leo_AscendentGlad to hear, Grats on getting this one. It was one of the most annoying, along with the all endings.
    Posted by Leo_Ascendent On 18 Feb 14 at 00:03
    Prem-aka-PrinceThere are, of course, many variables possible in this trophy which spans almost the entire game. It seems the only real requirements are the ones mentioned in the trophy description- and I assume you to be correct in pointing out that the main characters have to die by the origami killer's hands, since it's backed up by the phrasing.

    However Shaun's fate has nothing to do with it so long as the last condition -killer's freedom- is not compromised. That is to say anyone who would rescue Shaun must die with the secret. I believe this is only possible when any main character goes alone. They will need to die on the scene in a certain way that the origami killer survives and the boy escapes (or not! since he doesn't matter for this trophy).
    Anyway I just wanted to confirm this, since I did it by
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince On 05 Jun 14 at 03:42
    boldfox85I did this too. Worked first time, thanks.
    Posted by boldfox85 On 18 Aug 15 at 00:31
  • EenieakaneEenieakane
    13 Jun 2016 13 Jun 2016 13 Jun 2016
    I have only just recently got this achievement and will let you know how I managed it because I was worried that I had messed up early on.

    ** To be safe I would just start from Hassan's place and make sure that he does get shot.

    ** Now with Ethan during the fugitive you should let him get arrested at this point, as if you let him get arrested later on it will carry on this scene and you will have to help him escape with Jayden. I actually escaped the police at this point because I was going for another trophy.

    ** Remove all fingerprints at Manfred's can stumble a lot of other people's breakthroughs, I would follow Leo_Ascendents list as it helped me but you are likely to only need to wipe down seven of the ten things if you were quick talking to Manfred, and definitely wipe both shot glasses.

    ** When in the underwater scene with Lauren I got Scott out by doing his QTE's and leaving Lauren, it takes a while to leave Scott but this method should be OK too.

    ** Kramer's scene when you end up going on a killing spree it's reported you must not get shot three times, I can confirm that you can get shot up to two times and still carry on, one you do the QTE's to attack Kramer just leave the remote when he is having his heart attack, it takes a surprising long time but wait it out.

    ** JAYDEN MUST PICK UP RECEIPTS AT CLUB OTHERWISE HE CAN NOT WORK OUT THE KILLER . I actually had to restart because there not found by the ARI glasses when you press R1, they are near where you fight the masked man and must be picked up, this with the gun and Jayden can work out the killer.

    ** When doing the fugitive scene I kissed and then forgave Maddison, because I had messed up the previous time not letting Ethan get taken hostage I actually didn't both let him get taken her (as it seems not to make sense because I've have to break him out) I had at this point though shot the drug dealer, and drank the rat poison as I wanted enough clues to get to the warehouse.

    ** Maddison dies at the Origami Killer's flat, I actually failed at finding the laptop password, then broke through to the bathroom and then purposely got burnt and left her.

    ** I had Jayden and Ethan both go to the warehouse, Jayden and the Origami Killer start their fight, straight away I left the controller and let Jayden get killed. With Ethan I saved Shaun as normal and then the trophy unlocked.
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