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Nerd trophy in Heavy Rain (PS3)


Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer

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How to unlock the Nerd trophy

  • Leo_AscendentLeo_Ascendent
    12 Oct 2013 05 Dec 2013 14 Feb 2014
    These are only possible to find when playing as Jayden and you cannot skip chapters. You must start on AT LEAST 'Crime Scene' and play through the rest of the game. As usual, it's best to start a new game and play through to ensure you earn it and pick up[ other trophies along the way.

    Crime Scene

    Inside the white tent:
    -The victim's face
    -The orchid on the victim's chest
    -The origami figure in the victim's hand
    -The victim's hand a second time
    -The cut on the leg

    Follow the orchid pollen trail

    The blood stain on the train tracks

    The foot prints next to the train tracks

    The blood stain on the fence

    Up the hill:
    -The footprints
    -The tire tracks

    Mad Jack

    ----The three parts of the blood trail leading to the acid bath (don't look in the acid bath until you've examined the clues below)----

    The orchid pollen near the back of the garage

    The paint near the back of the garage

    The tire tracks near the paint

    Mad Jack's fingerprints, footprints, the other tire tracks and the visitor's footprints are optional.

    Fish Tank

    You have to win the QTE fight and tear the Origami Killer's coat so the gas station receipts fall out.

    The gas station receipts

    The orchid pollen near the desk

    The scattered papers on the floor

    The killers gun near the door

    The .45 caliber shell also near the door

    Solving the Puzzle

    Go to "Clues"

    Analyze and geoanalyze the gas station receipts

    Analyze the killers gun

    Scroll over to "The Killer is or was a cop" option. Select "Investigate Further"

    Geoanalyze "The Killer is or was a cop" option
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