Gold Finger trophy in Heavy Rain (PS3)

Gold Finger

The Lizard - Cut your finger using axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound

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How to unlock the Gold Finger trophy

  • Muscat95Muscat958,961
    08 Feb 2013 31 Jul 2013
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    Chapter: The Lizard

    I believe this is the third test that Ethan has to complete, the chapter will start off in an apartment where you will need to find the key inside one of The Lizards on the floor. This test require you to cut off a section of your finger and to get this trophy you must do it with an axe, knife or pliers.

    When you can move again after being told what you need to do go to your immediate left, open the mirror cupboard and grab the disinfectant from it and put it on the table.

    Cauterizing the wound
    On the floor to the left of the table you can find the metal rod pick that up and take it into the kitchen (just to the left), turn the stove on and hold the rod over the flames until the end becomes heated and glows orange, put it on the table.

    Only one weapon is needed to cut your finger off, i will list all the locations but it isn't important as to which one you use.

    If you walk back into the kitchen the knife is in plain view sticking out of the wall, grab it and put it on the table.

    On the back wall behind the chair, there is a broken television on the floor next to it is the axe, again grab and put it on the table if you want to use it.

    Back to the TV stand where the axe was if you face the TV the pliers will be to the left of it.

    Go back and sit on the table, I don't think you need to disinfect and cauterize but I did both to be safe. The first thing to do is pour disinfectant on the finger, then grab your weapon of choice and cut the finger section off after a bit of Ethan screaming in agony you will regain control of him, walk back to the able and grab the metal rod and cauterize the finger. This will definitely get you the trophy, you should be able to get it doing the same procedure without the disinfectant and if you pour disinfectant on your finger after cutting it off.

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    Maniacal_FiendI managed to cut off his finger, but it didn't let me disinfect or cauterize the wound..
    Posted by Maniacal_Fiend on 23 Jan 14 at 19:37
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  • CaptainFuture01CaptainFuture01131,362
    18 Oct 2015 18 Oct 2015 18 Oct 2015
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    For this to pop i have done the following:

    -enter the room

    -sit down and activate the tablet

    -turn around and grab the axe,put it on the table

    -go into the bathroom,change the camera angle,open the broken mirror closet on the wall and grab the disinfectant,put it on the table

    -go to the window with the climate control,there's a piece of wood lying on the ground for you to bite into,when you hack of your finger later (probably not needed,but i picked it up anyway),put it on the table

    -next to the entrance to the kitchen you will find a metal rod lying on the ground,pick it up

    -go into the kitchen,turn on the stove and heat up the metal rod,put it on the table,when you are finished

    -go back into the kitchen,there's a flask in one of the cabinets,grab it and put it on the table

    You should have about three minutes left to get your finger cut off now.

    -sit down

    -take a sip or more from the flask (i took only one)

    -put the piece of wood in your mouth

    -grab the disinfectant and pour it over your finger

    -grab the axe and hack off your pinkie

    -as soon as you have control back grab the metal rod and cauterize your halved pinkie

    -get your "reward"

    Trophy unlocks at the next game save a few seconds later.

    That is,what i have done to unlock it anyways,should work just the same when you do it as described by me.


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