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The Bear - Take the best route on the highway

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How to unlock the Kamikaze trophy

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    This is possibly the hardest single-chapter trophy to obtain.

    You have to take the best route down the highway in order to get the trophy. How could you know the best route? Trial and error? Or cheat, by following a guide, e.g. this one (which is, BTW done on Easy difficulty)

    This guide only shows the moves needed on multi-choice, you'll still need to perform the single QTE's events successfully.

    Another update, when I was trying for this the other day, I found the controller to be much more accurate and responsive if you held it like a steering wheel (I had been holding it kind of in my lap), this make the turns almost stupid easy, maybe I was just lucky, but it seemed to work, until I missed a QTE, but give it a try if you're having trouble.

    First multi-choice: either LEFT or RIGHT.
    Second multi-choice: only RIGHT.
    Third multi-choice: only LEFT.
    Fourth multi-choice: only LEFT. (This leads to a small road barrier.)
    Fifth multi-choice: only RIGHT. (This is for the cluster of three vehicles.)
    Sixth multi-choice: only RIGHT.
    Seventh multi-choice: only RIGHT. (This is for the toll area.)
    ***Eighth multi-choice: only RIGHT TILT. (This is for the pair of cop cars.)***
    Ninth multi-choice: either LEFT or RIGHT. (This is for the barricade of cop cars.)

    *** People claim that even though they've performed the required movement, they still mess up, try this: Wait till the circle is half way filled, then slowly turn your controller to the right.
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    ElvenMage95Thanks for the great guide bro got it first try :)
    Posted by ElvenMage95 on 02 Feb 15 at 22:59
    ElvenMage95Thank god that is over
    Posted by ElvenMage95 on 02 Feb 15 at 23:02
    boldfox85Well slowly tilting the controller to escape from the police was the hardest part but it's finally done :)
    Posted by boldfox85 on 18 Aug 15 at 10:17
    CyberneticHFXGreat people around here. I am going to do this now, myself! Thank you for every one of your posts. I will simplify the method by using this sequence to memorize: R, R, L, L, and then only R imputs are left. Haha!
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 23 May 18 at 17:50
    CyberneticHFXI did it! More in-depth advice: Hold the controller normaly. For tilting, you need to make rapid turn movements with the controller you are holding - do not move gently, perform it very fast or imput may not be registered. There is one moment where you are required to perform a tilt to the right gently instead. For that do the movement within about a half second, gently but not too slowly, alright? Another thing to mention is that the button press imputs are random, and also are dependent on difficulty setting. One may find it better to deal with this challenge when playing on difficulty level three, because on it, they can keep their right thumb on the right stick, rather than over the sign-buttons (difference: Sign-buttons/triggers). But if you are playing on another difficulty setting, keep playing on it - you will do it either way after some attemps, as practice is inevitable for getting there anyways. Good luck!
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 23 May 18 at 22:43
    CyberneticHFXIf you fail - keep going for your practice. Pause when the car is at the destination, and select Back To Main Menu - and then select continue, to retry from the start of that challenge.
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 23 May 18 at 22:48
    CyberneticHFXThe tilt-movement in question for the gentle movement is when two police cars are trying to stall you - the only situation where you have options to perform a tilt-movement between two directions.
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 23 May 18 at 22:59
    Greyhair10Thank f!@k for this guide. Brilliant.
    Posted by Greyhair10 on 25 Jul 18 at 16:48
    EmiinahThank you for the solution, it worked like a charm the first time I followed your guide. I would upvote this but I own the PS4 version.
    Posted by Emiinah on 19 Dec 18 at 12:31
    LargePilIowOne thing I want to mention I did mess up on the last two in air QTE's and the trophy still popped
    Posted by LargePilIow on 27 Mar 20 at 10:55
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