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Birth of the Oni trophy in Super Street Fighter IV

Birth of the Oni

To surpass the power of Oni, you must defeat him in Arcade Mode on the hardest setting.

Birth of the Oni0
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How to unlock the Birth of the Oni trophy

  • NightmareJamesNightmareJames
    17 Jul 2016 19 Jul 2016 19 Jul 2016
    OK, here seem to be the unlock conditions (warning: DO NOT EXCEED THEM! I ran into problems)

    Set Rounds to 1
    1 Perfect
    3 Super/Ultra Combo Finishes Before Seth
    An Super/Ultra Combo Finish on Seth
    5 First Attacks (Source: TA)

    OK, now for the fun part: Here are my tips:

    1. Second controller mandatory. You are going to screw up unless you're someone like Daigo Umehara. New Challenger when you screw up.
    2. If you have a fight stick and know how to use it, I'd highly suggest using it on this one.
    3. If you're not a pro, Cheap 'Gief with the Lariats is the best way to deal with this problem. Use jump buffers to land 720's, I'd suggest going to Training Mode to get the timing down and only attempting 720s when the opponent gets stunned.
    4. If you don't have a stick or a MadCatz Fighting Game Pad and have to use the PS3/PS4 controller, here's the controller setup I use:

    Square: Light Punch (in case you ever need a SPD)
    Triangle: Your choice
    X: LP + MP + HP (for easy Lariats)
    Circle: HK (you will need it to stop cheap Ultras)
    L1/R1: Your Choice
    L2/R2: TURN OFF! This was by far the most frustrating thing for me trying this with those buttons on. Once I turned them off this was far easier. And yes, I'm probably a cheap-ass.

    Considering Capcom is giving everybody the big FU in terms of completing their games and making them near impossible, enjoy people.
    Showing only comment.
    AiKmAn_MZI did it with Blanka - settings: 1 round, 99 seconds, hardest. Some opponents like Abel and Rolento are stupidly running and jumping into his Electro Attack, just spam it and when you block/evade their Ultra, perfect is guaranteed. If you have a turbo function, you could even keep the electro shocks up for the whole round. The EX version is even more powerful.

    His second deadly move is the forward rolling attack. Opponents like C. Viper don't know how to counter it, just do it over and over again. Shoto characters can be dealt with his cf.P (the one that makes you slide). This is also helpful to get first hits in 80% of all round starts. Against Seth it is helpful to pause the game a lot to keep track of him when he teleports like a madman.

    Blanka also has a better Ultra than Zangief in my opinion. His second Ultra is a giant Electro shock and covers a huge part of the screen - the opponent only must touch the ground with his feet (there is also an anti air version though which can be used alternatively if needed). Also you can do it from a blocking position as you need to charge back (or down back). Zangiefs Ultra 1 has a short range and I can only pull it off by buffering the input during a jump which is very risky, especially against people like Ryu, Ken or even Seth. Zangief is good for the 20 seconds round finish trophy though...

    I did more than 5 first attacks without issues, so its possible to exceed these.
    Posted by AiKmAn_MZ on 03 Feb 17 at 09:09
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