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Vanquished! trophy in MLB The Show 20


Conquer any conquest map to 100% completion (Not including the "Starter Map.")

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How to unlock the Vanquished! trophy

    07 Mar 2021 13 Apr 2021 13 Apr 2021
    This is by far the best mode if you're looking to upgrade your diamond dynasty team. You'll get ton of xp, stubs, and card packs for completing these conquest maps, as well as progress towards whichever team or inning challenge you decide to complete. My first suggestion would be to try this on a team map and against a bad team like the Orioles, Tigers, or Pirates. This way you can beat up on them for the 'steal 3 million fans' challenge within the map. Once you choose the map you're looking to work on, begin by filling out as many tiles as you can the first time. Do the steal fan challenge, choosing rookie mode and playing against one of those bad teams above. You should easily be able to take them out in a 3 inning game. You then will repeat this process two more times. Once the 'steal 3 million fans' challenge is completed, make sure to ALWAYS SKIP this challenge whenever it pops up again. What you're aiming for now is to completely fill all the tiles in and surround each team. Unless you feel comfortable and confident playing a team on Veteran or higher, you want to take away each team's ability to increase their fanbase. Every time you get to the reinforce challenge, make sure you fill up the tile you want to use to progress in with as many fans as you can spare. Once you have each team surrounded, make sure to put at least 5 fans in each tile surrounding the team, so they can't increase their fanbase. Once every team is surrounded, choose one of the teams who's fans you haven't stolen (if it's the Orioles, leave them till last to take over). Fill up one of the tiles surrounding the team with as many fans as you can spare. Basically, you're looking to challenge each team in rookie mode to make it almost a guarantee that you'll win on the first try. If you have 50 million fans on a tile next to a team, and the team has 12 million fans, you should be able to play against them on rookie mode. If not, skip to the next time you can reinforce and load up on more fans. Fans max out at 99 on a tile, but you shouldn't need to load up that much if you've been conquering tiles at a rapid pace. Once you take out one team, skip to reinforce to take on the next team. Right after you reinforce to the max that you can, make sure to MOVE the fans you used to conquer the last team to the new tile against the next team. Repeat this process until you play against the last team, which should be the team you stole 3 million fans from. This way it's pretty much guaranteed that particular team won't have enough fans to prevent you from playing rookie mode. When you're done, you'll get a nice trophy for your troubles, as well as a ton of goodies to strengthen your team.
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