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Leonidas trophy in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


[SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.

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How to unlock the Leonidas trophy

  • ExsphereBrawlerExsphereBrawler
    24 Oct 2013 24 Oct 2013
    This trophy is titled "Leonidas" and it is for completing "Score Attack" mode. This is harder than arcade mode on hell and features a few of the "Unlimited" type characters towards the end including Rachel, Hakumen, v-13 and Ragna. It's certainly the most difficult trophy in the game. This solution won't be able to guarantee a victory, however it will aid you in obtaining it. First and foremost, I strongly suggest you have a second controller plugged in and ready as you can press start to save yourself from losing during your run.

    Your character of choice will be the Red Devil, Iron Taeger for this method. Using Taeger, you'll notice that if you flick the right stick to the right he'll do a lunging slash of his arm that closes some distance between you and the opponent. This is good for advancing and it also tends to stun the enemy. Using this stun as your opportunity, advance upon the enemy and flick the right stick upwards now to do a grab that takes off a good chunk of damage. This will break their guard as well even if they aren't stunned, so simply time it when they're landing or between moves. This move is even more key than the lunge, though that does help set this one up..

    It's impossible to give advice that will carry you through all of the fights as each one can be so different. Personally I found some success playing defensively and timing the grab when I could, though some characters are just too fast. Two quarter circles towards the opponent and triangle will do the most effective distortion move, it takes off some decent health but is hardly worth setting yourself up to fail. Be very careful with this, it's a double edged sword to say the least. When the AI ukemi's after the grab, if they don't roll away first you can often get them in a loop with the grab once or twice after the initial grab until they smarten up and move away. This really helps when you're facing the faster characters as they can be a real pain to find your window to strike on.

    The main trouble for this trophy is without a doubt Unlimited Ragna. He regains health whenever he uses moves that feature his darkness, some of which can restore mass amounts of health. Not only that, his strength his improved and his meter is constantly refilling. He'll often open with a flurry of moves that features an upwards punch, lower kick, upward punch, lower kick and then one of his special moves. It's worth noting that his "Death Spike" can be grabbed before initiation if the timing is right, but it's better to simply block it and either close the gap with the flick of the right stick if he has less than 50 meter (to save you from getting a distortion to the face) or try moving in and just using the grab. His "Carnage Scissors" distortion can be countered by blocking the initial lunge, then quickly using the grab to counter him before he breaks your barrier. The Black Onslaught can take off around half health, not to mention heal a majority of his own. If you're lucky you'll counter this with a timely grab, otherwise it puts you in a real tough spot. The key is timing the grab after he stands back up as well as timing it after his super moves. This won't come easily, though it's certainly possible. Best of luck and congratulations when you finally defeat Unlimited Ragna!

    Side note; You'll obtain an achievement for defeating Unlimited Ragna, Unlimited Rachel and Hakumen if you hadn't done each of these respective achievements in arcade mode.
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  • snakebacon97snakebacon97
    09 Aug 2014 01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014
    Tager doesn't work for me, so I would strongly recommend you use Jin. I found every fight until Hakumen a cakewalk using nothing but Ice Car spam, (cn_RSr). For the hard fights, Hakumen and Ragna, I used a combination of throwing Ice Swords when they're far away, Ice Car to ram my opponent when they're stunned (or fly overhead when they're dangerous), an occasional D to freeze them followed by rapidly hitting C to do some damage.
    It is very likely you will lose multiple times in these fights, and losing two rounds here is game over, so it is vital that you bring a second controller with you and press cn_start to save yourself from losing. Personally, I would restart any fight that I lost one round of, because the risk of having to win the next round or else start Score Attack from beginning was too high.
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