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Analysis Complete trophy in KINGDOM HEARTS III

Analysis Complete

Eliminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape.

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How to unlock the Analysis Complete trophy

  • ToaOfMirrorsToaOfMirrors
    25 Jan 2020 25 Jan 2020 26 Jul 2021
    NOTE: I have an updated, expanded version of this guide available at Solution for Risk-taker In KINGDOM HEARTS III

    Here's the Sora setup I used to defeat all 13 Data Bosses in Proud Mode in less than two days:
    Level 99, starting choices Balance & Guardian
    Keyblades: Ultima Weapon, Classic Tone (both fully upgraded), empty third Keyblade slot (so it's easier to switch between the two)
    Accessories: Crystal Regalia, Mickey Clasp, Flanniversary Badge [all for MP Haste]
    Armor: Buster Band+, Cosmic Belt+ x2 [all for high Defense]
    Items: Kupo Coin, Hi-Potion x8 [Auto-Reload] (Elixirs are better, but you can buy Hi-Potions at the Moogle shop)
    Abilities: All of them except for two Attraction Extenders, Zero EXP, MP Safety, Counter Impact, & Counter Slash [and obviously Critical Counter, Critical Recharge, & Critical Converter] (farm AP Ups if you can't equip them all)
    Cuisine: Lobster Mousse, Carrot Potage, Bouillabaisse, Stuffed Quail, Berries au Fromage (there are better foods, but these all can be bought at the Moogle shop)
    Full Course Bonus: Cuisine Extender [There are better bonuses, but you can use the meals on more consecutive boss fights this way]
    Shortcuts: Meow Wow Balloon, Hi-Potion, Curaga, Thundaga

    Advice: Spam X with Ultima Weapon whenever you get an opening. Switch to Classic Tone whenever you're out of MP then back to Ultima Weapon when you're not. Use a Link instead of Curaga when your HP is low and MP is full. Make full use of Rage Form and Meow Wow Balloon until they expire or you're low on HP, in which case finish them with triangle. Seriously, a lot of my later boss fights ended with Meow Wow attacks.
    Farming: If you're simply just not strong enough to beat all the bosses yet, farm materials for Attack and Defense Boosts to raise Sora's stats at Battlegates 10-12, making sure to have Favorite Deputy equipped on Sora, Lucky Ring equipped on a party member, and all instances of Lucky Strike in your party's abilities activated. You'll have to buy lots of Pulsing Gems for Pulsing Crystals for Strength Boosts, and that can get so expensive that you may need to farm munny as well.

    List of XIII bosses in the order which I defeated them:
    Dark Riku
    Young Xehanort
    Xigbar [the trick is pausing until the X button prompt shows up in showdowns]
    Terra-Xehanort [Meow Wow Balloon bounces were particularly helpful here]
    Luxord [the trick is pausing and viewing your surroundings in the card battles]
    Xion [used a Master Medal w/ Stun Protection in place of Flanniversary Badge]
    Master Xehanort [used a Snowman Rosette instead of Buster Band+]

    Stats of various items:
    Hi-Potion: Restores 160 HP to one teammate, 100 munny each
    Elixir: Fully restores teammate's HP/MP/Focus & removes negative statuses
    Megalixir: Fully restores team's HP/MP/Focus & removes negative statuses

    Snowman Rosette: +2 Def, +20% Blizzard & Dark Resist, Freeze Protection
    Acrisius: +3 Def, +20% all Resist but Dark
    Acrisius+: +4 Def, +20% all Resist but Dark
    Royal Ribbon: +4 Def, +40% all Resist
    Buster Band: +5 Def
    Buster Band+: +5 Def, +10% all Resist but Dark
    Cosmic Chain: +5 Def, +20% all Resist but Dark
    Cosmic Belt: +6 Def
    Cosmic Belt+: +6 Def, +10% all Resist
    Master Belt: +7 Def, +20% Dark Resist
    Power Weight: +3 Str
    Magic Weight: +3 Mag

    Skill Ring: +1 Str, +1 Mag, +30 AP
    Skill Ring+: +2 Str, +1 Mag, +36 AP
    Cosmic Ring: +3 Str, +80 AP
    Junior Medal: +1 Str & Mag, Freeze Protection (Rank B in Frozen Slider)
    Master Medal: +1 Str & Mag, +6 AP, Stun Protection (B in Flash Tracer A)
    Draw Ring: +1 Str, +2 Mag, +8 AP, Master Treasure Magnet
    Lucky Ring: +1 Str & Mag, +8 AP, Lucky Strike
    Star Charm: +3 Str & Mag, Damage Syphon
    Cosmic Arts: +4 Str & Mag, Damage Syphon
    Phantom Ring: +5 Str, +8 AP, Cure Converter
    Orichalcum Ring: +6 Str, +10 AP, Cure Converter
    Breakthrough: +7 Str, +15 AP, Cure Converter
    Sorcerer's Ring: +5 Mag, +8 AP, MP Haste
    Wisdom Ring: +5 Mag, +10 AP, Wizard's Ruse
    Master's Necklace: +3 Str & Mag, +16 AP, MP Haste
    Flanniversary Badge: +4 Str & Mag, MP Hastera, MP Thrift
    Mickey Clasp: +3 Str, +5 Mag, MP Hastega, Endless Magic
    Crystal Regalia: +5 Str & Mag, +16 AP, MP Hastega
    Crystal Regalia+: +6 Str & Mag, +25 AP, MP Hastega

    Lobster Mousse: +1 DEF, +2 HP, +18 MP
    Lobster Mousse+: +1 DEF, +4 HP, +20 MP

    Carrot Potage: +16 HP, +3 MP
    Carrot Potage: +18 HP, +5 MP
    Cold Tomato Soup: +1 MAG, +18 HP, +3 MP
    Cold Tomato Soup+: +1 MAG, +20 HP, +5 MP
    Crab Bisque: +1 MAG, +18 HP
    Crab Bisque+: +1 MAG, +20 HP, +2 MP

    Fish dishes:
    Bouillabaisse: +2 DEF, +6 HP, +3 MP
    Bouillabaisse+: +2 DEF, +8 HP, +5 MP
    Sea Bass en Papillote: +2 DEF, +8 HP, +2 MP
    Sea Bass en Papillote+: +2 DEF, +10 HP, +4 MP

    Meat dishes:
    Stuffed Quail: +2 STR, +1 DEF, +10 HP
    Stuffed Quail+: +2 STR, +1 DEF, +12 HP

    Berries au Fromage: +2 MAG, +8 MP
    Berries au Fromage+: +2 MAG, +10 MP
    Tarte aux Fruits: +1 STR, +2 MAG, +8 MP
    Tarte aux Fruits+: +1 STR, +2 MAG, +10 MP

    When you get Rage Form at full MP:
    Fight 'til low HP
    Use a Link
    Finish the Link before Rage Form expires
    Use Rage Form when low on HP or just before it expires, whichever's first

    Simba is a better Link than Meow Wow.
    Use Stun Protection against Xion, Dark Inferno, Saix, & Xemnas.
    Master Medal (for Rank B in Flash Tracer A) and Nano Gear have it.
    Use Freeze Protection against Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, & Vanitas.
    Snowman Rosette, Crystal Snow, and Junior Medal have it.
    Terra-Xehanort: Block all of his projectiles, then airstep to combo him.
    Elixirs can be bought at the Moogle Shop for 4000 munny each.
    Shortcuts: King's Flare, Hi-Potion, Curaga, Thundaga
    Replace Buster Band+ with Master Belt when you get it. And Flanniversary Badge with Crystal Regalia+.

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    JyrakosSuch a good guide for these fights. I was having trouble with Xion and Master Xehanort, but with these tips, I took out Xion in one go and MX in just 3 tries. It’s nice to finally find someone who gave practical and helpful advice.
    Posted by Jyrakos On 11 Feb 20 at 04:38
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