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Building Bridges

Reach Bridge Link Grade 1.

Building Bridges0
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How to unlock the Building Bridges trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed169,061
    08 Nov 2019 24 Nov 2019
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    There are several ways to earn online likes.

    • Building facilities via PCCs for others to use.
    • Rebuilding roads
    • Placing helpful signs
    • Placing "like-for-like" signs
    • placing bridges in the world for others to climb (if used)
    • placing climbing anchors.
    • People using your pathways to get to new places on the map.
    • People using your stored vehicles in an safehouse garage

    I've been earning 600+ likes every log on from the community at large.

    The way I earn them is easy.
    • Build Generators in areas near prepper stations that your own batteries normally run out at.
    • Build bridges in helpful places
    • Create helpful pathways
    • Take down MULE camps to aid other people
    • rebuild as many roads as possible, by raiding claim materials in Knots and by taking down big BTs, they normally drop 1000cc of Crystals.
    • Build a safehouse near areas that normally have Timefalls and BTs, on too of that build a Timefall Shelter and upgrade it to level 3, this gives better repairs to people passing the time.
  • Solid_KryszakSolid_Kryszak69,218
    10 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019
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    Bridge Link is obtainded for multiplayer interactions. Don't try to force this trophy too much, it should come naturally as you play the game. The biggest farm for Bridge Link grade is Central region and restoring its roads.
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