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Any Porter in a Storm

Trade with another porter for the first time.

Any Porter in a Storm-5.0
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Trophy Guide for Any Porter in a Storm

  • Square1ne_Square1ne_22,902
    10 Nov 2019 13 Nov 2019
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    This trophy is for trading with an NPC Porter. You first meet these NPC's in the Central Region. They are random spawns and are indicated by groups of 2 - 3 NPC Porters dressed in white suits.

    When you do find them, your first step is to give them as many likes a possible using the touchpad. After doing this, open your inventory and equip any piece of cargo to your hand. Lay the cargo down on the ground in front of the Porter. If done correctly, they will pick it up and then offer you something in return.

    Take whatever it is that they're offering and the trophy will unlock.

    Video credit to Power Pyx

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