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Delivering Is What I Do

Complete the prologue: Porter.

Delivering Is What I Do0
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    During the prologue you will start with some “smart drugs” to be delivered. After a couple cut scenes in which you wreck your bike (something Reedus would never do), take shelter, and meet Fragile, you have to pick up at least 1 of the 4 pieces you started with so it can be delivered. Use cn_L1 to scan for nearby stuff. It will also show you the delivery destination. Pick up at least one of the 4 drug items and make your way to the destination terminal and hold cn_X to enter delivery mode. Select to deliver the smart drugs to the client “Porter” (items are selected by default) and confirm. That will net you the trophy for completing the prologue. You can also pick up other “lost” stuff too, which, if delivered will give you the Good Samaritan trophy.

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