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Perfect Timing

Parry 100 enemies

Perfect Timing-4.0
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  • kintariskintaris93,666
    27 Nov 2019
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    To get the Perfect Timing trophy you need to parry 100 enemies with your lightsaber, causing them to stumble or completely break their guard – often allowing Cal to complete an execution move to end the fight.

    If you are playing anything but the easiest difficulty this will likely pop through natural progression as parrying is critical for quickly dispatching enemies.

    You parry in a similar way to deflecting blaster bolts back to their owners – rather than holding the lightsaber in a block position, you tap L1 just as an enemy is about to strike, tapping the blow away and leaving them open for a blow of your own. Low-level baton stormtroopers are best for this if you end up needing a post-game grind – I'd recommend the first section of Zeffo, around the Abandoned Village and the next area on from there, for plenty of low-level stormtroopers to dispatch (plus some handy spawn points.)
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