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Visiting Alderaan Places

Explore the crashed Venator

Visiting Alderaan Places-19.6
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    To unlock Visiting Alderaan Places, you need to return to the Zeffo Crash Site after unlocking Double Jump during the second story mission of Kashhyyk. Hop up onto the massive ringed engine pieces at the back of the lake part of the crash site. Once you've climbed up the hanging grey grating, instead of heading left towards the Probe Droids in the big crashed engine tunnel, you need to keep hopping up the rings ahead with Double Jump and enter the back of the crashed ship.

    You will unlock Visiting Alderaan Places once you emerge from the other side of this small dungeon. You will see a Stim Canister on a ledge out in the open at the dungeon's "end", this is when the trophy will unlock.

    The only sticking point for some will be the last traversal puzzle in the Venator, in which there is a big block to Force Push and Pull but seemingly no way to jump the massive gap. First, you need to overcharge the socket with BD-1 to flip up the platforms on the right side – they become platforms instead of walls. Push the block over so you can hop up and slash the power cable.

    Head back the way you came. Now you need to be able to hop up onto the wall-running wall on the left of the area, and execute a well-timed double jump from it to reach the platform in the middle before hopping out the other side. How do you reach the wall? Push the block back to its starting point. Now you need to Force Pull it back in the other direction, but quickly Force Slow it soon after it starts moving so that the block pauses directly underneath that running wall. Hop up, run across and double jump as late as possible to reach the central platform. From there, only a couple more enemies await before you exit the dungeon and unlock the trophy.
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