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Skipped the Hope into the sun.

20 November 2019 - 2 guides

Trophy Guide for Hidden Trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed139,590
    03 Nov 2019 03 Nov 2019
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    At character creation, choose to have Velow average intelligence,
    When it comes to dealing with The Hope. You have to patch ADA throught to the ship, tell her that you don't want her help.
    Options when talking to ADA
    "I'm ready to skip the Hope"
    "Skip to Tartarus"
    "I'm doing it myself"
    "[Dumb] Skip the hope"
  • QwrtyMan213QwrtyMan2133,724
    26 Oct 2019 26 Oct 2019
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    This achievement requires you to ask the computer to allow you to manually 'skip' when the time comes, instead of letting the computer do it for you.

    More information:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    However, the only way to unlock this dialogue option is to have a BELOW AVERAGE Intelligence attribute, so as to unlock the 'Dumb' dialogue options. The only way to alter attributes is through character creation or flaws (alongside certain pieces of clothing, but none alter the Intelligence attribute)

    The only ways to get this achievement are:
    -- Create a Character with Below Average Intelligence
    -- Create a Character with Average Intelligence and then, though the course of gameplay, accept the "Permanently Concussed" flaw, which lowers the mind attributes by 1.

    Video Demonstration:
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