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Peace in Our Time

Brokered peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI.

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How to unlock the Peace in Our Time trophy

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    This is a bit lobg winded but it is better than wiping out an entire faction in the long run.

    During the quest "Radio Free Monarch" you'll have to convince both MSI and the Iconoclasts to stop broadcasting on the Information Broker's channel.
    When dealing with the Iconoclasts, you need to complete Zora's optional objectives. (Freeing the Twins and not asking them to help with the press + Gaining medical supplies with the extra money when talking to the merchant for Graham)

    After the broadcasts are stopped a ship crashes, grab the power cell, now we're going to do nothing with it, it's just to move the quest along.

    Go ti Amber Heights, talk to Zora in the medical bay (building to the right of where Graham always is) and talk to her. She'll ask if you can help her find out some history for the Iconoclasts, agree and this starts the quest "Sucker Bait".
    This file incriminates Graham in some dispicable dealings. Return it to Zora, who asks for time to process it. Confront Graham about it but don't give him the power cell.

    Go to Sanjar and ask him to make peace with the Iconoclasts, ask him about Zora taking over. He'll agree but you need you need to show him her personel file. Go to Cascadia and find the terminal, read her file then copy it.
    Go back to Sanjar and hand it to him, he'll agree to meet her.

    At Amber Heights, Zora will meet you on your way to Graham. She'll ask for your help in deposing him. Agree and do so. Once she's in power, ask her to make peace with MSI and talk to Sanjar. She'll agree if you pass a skill check.
    • Persuasion 55
    • Inspiration 55
    Once you pass the check, go back to Sanjar ane he sets up a meeting.

    Go to the meeting outside of Stellar Bay, take a neautral stance making them see they can work together. Once they agree to do so, the trophy unlocks.
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