Jack of All Trades trophy in The Outer Worlds

Jack of All Trades

Killed an enemy with a science weapon sneak attack during TTD, with a weakspot critical hit.

Jack of All Trades+1.3
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How to unlock the Jack of All Trades trophy

  • TheRazgrizDragonTheRazgrizDragon83,653
    02 Nov 2019 04 Nov 2019
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    I don't always know if sprats always work. I don't know if it's a bug or circumstance as one of my friends got it off sprats but me and another friend couldn't for the life of us get it. I tried in 3 locations for combined time of 40 minutes. I found this way and it's sure fire if all else fails. Be I was at least level 15 and you can also experiment on different character levels but this is what I did. My friend was level 17. You also need the Prism Hammer from the secret spot on Groundbreaker. I also got part of my solution from Gaming with Abyss on Youtube so partial credit goes to him. His solution for whatever reason wasn't working for me so I added my own notes on what I did and added.

    Step 1: Save on the Unreliable docked on Groundbreaker and then go to the machine on the ship that resets your and your companions perks and activate it. You have to pay bits to do this and it's 500 I think for the first use. Then exit the ship with no companions on Groundbreaker.

    Step 2: Then activate your skill tree and find the character skill menu. Put in perk chart 1, put one skill on Lone Wolf (+25% Damage when alone in a party) and Slow the World (+25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter Max). Then put three random ones on so you can have access to chart 2. On perk chart 2 put one on Weird Science (adds 50% more damage with Science weapons) and Scanner (+20% Bonus to Extra Headshot / Weakspot Damage.). Those are a must. Putting one on Speed Demon (+25% Movement Speed during TTD) couldn't hurt. You don't need to add the rest.

    Step 3: Take into account the negatives that flaws take out, I had sneak on 50 and science on 60 and melee weapons on 50 and any leftover on two handed and or sneak. Then equip the Prism Hammer and go to Groundbreaker's Infirmary and to the bed on the left in the middle of the infirmary is a Mardet that is sick in bed.

    (Sometimes there are two doctors, one each, looking over the two Mardet patients. They can't be there for this to work. I ran around the station for 20 minutes for them to leave and they didn't. Then I tried this three times and it worked for me, but I went to the out of bounds area in the infirmary and walked in the door on the right to the last door in the end of the hall and came back into the infirmary were the two Mardets were and the doctors walked away again.)

    Step 4: Crouch over the Mardet and save a different save from the last one for a just in case. Then activate TTD and kinda walk on the bed and then smash the hammer right into the Mardet's face and the trophy should pop. Then note that mine popped during TTD but my friends only popped after TTD stopped. You can manually end TTD by pressing the TTD button again. This may take 1 or 2 tries but I have two confirmed cases of this working so far. It took me two so I walked on the bed the second time as TTD was activated and it worked. Once the trophy pops go back two saves and you where were you were in the regular game and enjoy the rest of the game ;-)!
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  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed223,223
    31 Oct 2019 31 Oct 2019
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    Go to groundbreaker. pump some skill points into 2handed and stealth.

    Find the Prism Hammer on Groundbreaker and equip it.
    Go to where Gladys is and in those bays are Sprats. You can use TTD and aim for their head for the trophy.
  • elfingladeelfinglade53,888
    15 Dec 2019 15 Dec 2019
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    Just wanted to add something that I kept doing that prevented me from getting the trophy. Such a simple thing, but if you’ve reset all your skill points and perks, make sure to confirm with the square button before you leave the menu, after you’ve poured them into stealth and melee. I kept doing this and it meant my stats weren’t high enough.
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