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Practice Makes Perfect trophy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

Practice Makes Perfect

Complete the challenge "Practice Makes Perfect".

Practice Makes Perfect0
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How to unlock the Practice Makes Perfect trophy

  • ForcefulOliverForcefulOliver
    27 Apr 2018 27 Apr 2018
    Here is my guide i did when i was playing xbox on did copy paste)

    Didn't want to make a guide for this but, now that i have it done, decided i will give my 2 cents about it.

    The reason why is i did it with a controller, with the D-Pad, despite what everyone says IT IS doable, i won't buy a fight stick for just a trophy and i just cannot play fighting games with a joystick on a controller, so this guide is for anyone in the same boat as i was.

    The way i did is going through all caracters doing what was possible to do, after that it was moping up time, at that point i kept on changing my button maping to have the buttons all next to each other(no L1/L2/R1/R2) just so combos could be easier to input and it worked perfectly. Makoto and Yun i had to, the timing for their combo 1 and 2 are way to tight to keep button spread all over the controller.

    I ain't no pro in street fighters game, need perseverance and patience. there is no practice to do, only to learn the timing right then persevere to get the trial done.

    Watch youtube video made from VesperArcade, he as the best video for the reason you see his controller to give you an idea of the timing.(i want no credit from is video, i havent asked him to put is name here but i don't think he would mind, since there is no link, you need to go find them yourself on youtube). In youtube input street fighter 3rd strike ryu trials, and you will see it on top of screen(change the name to which caracter you need help).

    Here is the list, stopped at exactly 55 challenge, and won't bother to do more :)

    Basic Parrying : 100%
    Expert Parrying : 60% (6-7-8)
    Handicap Trials : 60% (1-2-3...2 is super hard to do, what i did to beat it was jump backward and when your back on your feet QCF+fierce punch, its a slide/grab attack, then keep on repeating the process and eventually you'll beat chun-li) (QCF=quarter circle forward)

    Akuma : 40% (1-2...couldn't do 4 cause in my opinion impossible to input fast enough with a controller)

    Alex : 80% (1-2-3-4)
    Chun-Li : 40% (1-4)
    Dudley : 40% (1-2)
    Elena : 40% (1-2)
    Hugo : 100%
    Ibuki : 60% (1-2-4)
    Ken : 40% (1-2...couldn't do 4 cause in my opinion impossible to input fast enough with a controller)

    Makoto : 40% (1-2)
    Necro : 60% (1-2-4)
    Oro : 60% (1-2-4...for #2 to start the combo you need to give the jump kick late, almost before landing and you'll be ok to do the combo)

    Q : 40% (1-2)
    Remy : 20% (1)
    Ryu : 40% (1-2...couldn't do 4 cause in my opinion impossible to input fast enough with a controller)

    Sean : 40% (1-2)
    Twelve : 40% (1-4)
    Urien : 20% (1)
    Yang : 40% (1-2)
    Yun : 40% (1-2)

    I hope this help the hunt, remember to stay calm, if you're getting out of control take a break and go back to it another day.
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  • ExsphereBrawlerExsphereBrawler
    25 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013
    Practice makes perfect is the challenge that is tied with the trials of the game. This is easily the most annoying achievement of the bunch, and it will most likely take up the most of your time. The majority of challenges require combos with picky timing, however there are some fight related challenges as well as beginner and advanced level parrying.

    Naturally, I can't give you fool proof tips on how to make these challenges easier. Repetition is the only way you'll be able to complete them. Before a patch, one was able to stun the opponents and be able to link their combos together that way. If you can remove the patch, chances are this will be significantly easier. That's sadly the only shortcut however, the only other answer is plenty of practice.

    Each character has 5 trials of their own related to combos, and the 3 sections mentioned previously have 5 trials as well. Thankfully you don't have to complete them all, only 55 of them. There are 22 sections of trials, meaning you have a total of 110 to choose from. Taking this in to consideration, that means you only have to complete half of the trials for this trophy however that's still quite a challenge. Don't give up on a character completely because one trial is tough, sometimes the later trials are less tricky than the early ones. Vesper has videos which show both his inputs as well as the combos being completed which can give you a vague idea on timing, but that's sadly all that you'll get from them. Best of luck with this one, it's tricky!
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