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Tales From The Eridian Slab

Decipher all of the Eridian Slabs.

Tales From The Eridian Slab-0.3
20 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Tales From The Eridian Slab trophy

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    16 Sep 2019
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    n order to unlock this achievement you need to Decipher a total of 30 Eridian Slabs in the Campaign of Borderlands 3.

    In order to decipher the Eridium Writings you need to obtain the Eridian Decoder which can be obtained by completing the Main Mission - The Great Vault.
    Once you decipher them all head to the Sanctuary and interact with the Eridian Slab.

    Video with all the Eridiun Slabs:

    11 Eridian Writings

    [0:00] The Droughts
    [0:36] The Droughts
    [1:01] Ancient Bluff
    [1:29] Devil′s Razor
    [1:55] Devil′s Razor
    [2:24] The Splinterlands
    [2:54] Carnivora
    [3:25] Guts of the Carnivora
    [4:02] Konrad′s Hold
    [4:50] Cathedral of the Twin Gods
    [5:23] Destroyer′s Rift

    6 Eridian Writings

    [5:58] Meridian Outskirts
    [6:37] Meridian Metroplex
    [7:01] Lectra City
    [8:17] Skywell-27
    [8:46] Atlas HQ
    [9:19] Neon Arterial

    1 Eridian Writing

    [9:57] Athenas

    8 Eridian Writings

    [10:33] Floodmoor Basin
    [11:06] Floodmoor Basin
    [11:41] The Anvil
    [12:04] Jakobs Estate
    [12:27] Voracious Canopy
    [12:57] Ambermire
    [13:25] Ambermire
    [13:54] Blackbarrel Cellars

    4 Eridian Writings

    [14:23] Desolation′s Edge
    [14:57] Desolation′s Edge
    [15:48] Tazendeer Ruins
    [16:38] The Pyre of Stars
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    Equinox80 This trophy is currently glitched. I currently have 34/30 according to my stats but no trophy. I've tried the workaround of spamming the tablet in Tannis's lab on Sanctuary but even this doesn't work for me (although it may for others).

    I was underwhelmed by BL3 before but having a glitched trophy makes the game a big disappointment. A shame after loving the previous games so much, especially BL2.
    Posted by Equinox80 on 14 Oct 19 at 13:20
    VerySpanky glitched for me too. I'm seeing the 34 out of 30 issue also...

    UPDATE: If you have the 34/30 issue, go to Tannis’s infirmary on Sanctuary, head over to the big alien artifact, and keep hitting Translate. After about 5 times, the achievement popped.
    Posted by VerySpanky on 03 Nov 19 at 19:27
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