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Good Against Remotes Is One Thing

Get a perfect score at the Firing Range on any difficulty.

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  • Freas23Freas2311,978
    17 Sep 2019 17 Sep 2019
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    You can actually get this trophy if you have another person join your game if you’re having trouble doing it solo. What I did was I took care of everything on the left side, and my friend got everything on the right side. Now the only thing we noticed was whoever pressed the button will get the trophy. So if you press it the first time and complete it you’ll get the trophy. You’ll have to have your friend press the button and complete it a second time so that way they can get the trophy when you both complete it again.
  • MRm4rc4nt0nyMRm4rc4nt0ny55,664
    26 Sep 2019 15 Sep 2019
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    I did it solo. Got a COV pistol ( I was lucky as a X3 per shot was in vending machine waiting ), these have unlimited magazine size just be sure not to overheat. I also had my SDU maxed so that I had a thousand rounds but is not necessary other than to save on trips to restock ammo. I stood a little way from the counter of firing range just for a better view. I turned the brightness all the way up just for this as I was sometimes missing the odd one in the back ( that just could be my poor eyesight though )
  • MrWilliamThorMrWilliamThor7,956
    12 Sep 2019
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    There are two difficulties/modes that you can select. I suggest picking Normal mode.

    Normal Mode -
    You need to hit 15 targets in 20 sec.

    Challenge Mode -
    You need to hit 20 targets in 25 sec.
    In this mode you need to be careful as if you hit claptrap it will fail.
    If you hit Handsome Jack destroys all active targets, giving you the points for them.

    You need to hit all targets or else you need to restart.
    I suggest using an SMG and set it to Semi-auto.

    Video Guide:

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