Cat burglar trophy in GreedFall

Cat burglar

Pick 20 locks

Cat burglar+2.6
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How to unlock the Cat burglar trophy

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    This is a work in progress

    Lockpick locations:
    Serene (before the departure)
    South-Eastern Naut Warehouse
    1) Ground Floor back left corner from entrance Lockpick 1
    2) Ground Floor infront of stairwell lockpick 1
    3) Upstairs, up a second flight of stairs Lockpick 1

    Eastern Naut Warehouse
    4) Upstairs, up a second flight of stairs Lockpick 1

    Western Naut Warehouse
    5) Ground Floor, Under the stairs Lockpick 1

    North-Western Warehouse
    6) upstairs by a window overlooking Vasco's ship and the port lockpick 1
    7) balcony, through the door just below the previous chest Lockpick 1
    8) upstairs, by the stairs before you go backdownstairs. lockpick 1

    9) Tavern Keepers bedroom, upstairs lockpick 1
    10) Door inside tavern kitchens lockpick 2
    11) Door inside tavern kitchens lockpick 1

    Fountain family Warehouse (only during Naut Quest)
    12) Jonas' cell door lockpick 1
    13) Chest inside the cell adjacent to Jonas' lockpick 1

    Villain's Den
    14) Constantin's cell door lockpick 1
    15) Turning right out the door after freeing Constantin, is another door to a storeroom, chest to the left as you enter lockpick 1

    Naut Jails (Only during Theleme's side quest
    16) Cell door lockpick 1

    New Serene
    Warehouse B (Port Quarter)
    17) Dress in Sailor's gear and find the back door Lockpick 2

    Copper District
    18) As you leave the port quarter, you'll see an alley with small scaffolding to the the right. Take the alley and on the left is an opening under the scaffold, the chest is under here. lockpick 1

    Port Quarter 2
    19) From the previous chest head back out and turn left and find another little port. On the decking follow the gangways down and on the northern side of this dock, by a huge pile of beer kegs is the chest lockpick 2

    Outside De Sardet residence
    20) Face away from the entrance and spot scaffolding to the right, the chest is below here lockpick 3

    Governer's Palace
    21) Facing Constantin, look to YOUR left at the big double doors to his office lockpick 3
    22) Head upstairs, via the door to YOUR right, whilst facing Constantin again. Head through his bedroom and use the door at the back to your right. At the back of this storage room is another door. lockpick 2

    Con Guard Barracks
    23) Head upstairs and take the single door right in front of you. Keep following these rooms following the left hand side of the room. In a big long corridor with a door at the end, you'll see one on the right, take that and turn left. At the end of these sleeping quarters is a chest. lockpick 2
    24) Use the double doors on the landing at the top of the stairwell. Find the bedroom on the right hand side of this room, the chest is hidden within the left hand side of this bedroom. lockpick 3
    25) Use the last door on the stairwell landing (immediately left as you leave the double doors), follow the corridor and turn left aroubd corner. Immediately ob the left is another door. Enter and at the back of this room is a chest. lockpick 1
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  • Rocket2606Rocket260632,371
    29 Oct 2019
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    Sadly I can confirm that you can’t cheese this by saving, lockpicking, and loading the same chest 20 times. Your best bet is to get lockpicking level 3 as early as possible because there are quite a few missions that will either require you finding a key or just have Lockpicking 2, or 3 to open a chest or door, and there aren’t very many non mission lockpicking chests/doors througout the game
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