All for one, one for all! trophy in GreedFall

All for one, one for all!

You managed to unite all factions against Constantin

All for one, one for all!+6.0
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How to unlock the All for one, one for all! trophy

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    This is a lot easier than it sounds.

    During the campaign, complete every companion quest as this normally improves relations and then Make sure to complete all side quests given by each faction leader.
    There are five factions:
    Natives (easiest)
    Coin Guard (Arguably the hardest to get trust from)
    Nauts (easy)
    Theleme (Medium, can easily loose points by mistreating missionaries)
    Bridge Alliance (Hardest to gain trust with).

    What I had when the quest to unite the factions activated:
    Bridge Alliance - Friendly
    Theleme - Friendly
    Coin Guard - Nice
    Nauts - Friendly
    Natives - Friendly

    The Coin Guard will be okay at Nice as long as you follow Kurt's suggestions for the new leader of the Guard and you can even kill Egon.
    Missing In Action (Kurt)
    Amongst the Ghosts (Kurt)
    Settling scores (Kurt)
    The Man with the Silver Coin
    Dirty Traffic
    Egon's Face
    Champion of the Arena

    The Natives are simple, just respect their customs and make sure they are accepted by the rest of the world. Getting the Merchant to run his business in New Serene also adds alot of respect points.
    Find Queen Bladnid (Siora)
    Promises set in Stone (Siora)
    The Queen's Farewell (Siora)
    Logging Expedition
    The Blood Price
    An Aspiring Merchant
    A Peculiar Alliance
    Camp of Ordo Luminis

    The Nauts are also very easy, just dont kill any uneccessailly and dont raid or get caught inside one of their storage facilities or dockyards. Do all side quests for them before leaving old serene too, find the missing Naut for Vasco.
    A Name for a family (Vasco)
    Family Reunion (Vasco)
    Forever a Naut (Vasco)
    The Admiral's Secret Service
    The Spy from Theleme
    Sub Rosa
    The Enemy Within

    Theleme is simple, but you can loose points REALLY quickly by mistreating the missionaries on Native maps. Doing all of Petrus' quests boosts it to Nice. Then make sure you get them to reveal the truth about themselves to other factions when talking to mother superior during their side quests.
    Help them first when dealing with the aninal attacks during the main questline. This maxes out the friendly status.
    The vices of the Mother Cardinal (Petrus)
    Dangerous Bets (Petrus)
    The Sins of Father Petrus (Petrus)
    Trouble in Eden
    Theological Conflicts
    In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus
    Saint and Wild
    The Attack on San Matheus (Main Questline)

    Bridge Alliance - During their side quests, take Doctor Asili to court and get all witness' and evidence against him. then watch him as he gets killed. You seem to get more points by taking Aphra with you to watch it.
    Make sure you follow the side quests acting in their best interests.
    Doing Aphra's side quests without killing their researchers also helps dramatically.
    Islander Knowledge (Aphra)
    The Cave of Knowledge (Aphra)
    The Linking Ritual (Aphra)
    Attacks on Caravans
    At the Heart of the Rebellion
    Doctor Asili's Experimente (MUST ACCEPT SURRENDER)
    The Trial
    The Attack on Hikmet (Main Questline)

    It's worth noting that because The Coin Guard were nice, I ended up with this end trophy

    GreedFallHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in GreedFall worth 91 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    To get the gold, I'd have had to have them at Friendly also.
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