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Zeus May Cry trophy in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Zeus May Cry

Finish the game (Hard Mode)

Zeus May Cry0
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How to unlock the Zeus May Cry trophy

  • Temple_JonesTemple_Jones
    02 Jul 2016 22 Jun 2016
    Simply complete the game on Spartan Mode difficulty. Below are some basic God of War series tips and tricks.

    Zeus May Cry General Tips:

    Save Points: Keep more than one save file. You'll want to save your game every time whenever you reach a save point.

    Game hints: Take note of the game's various hints given to you while playing. These hints are extremely helpful and they don't go away without saying something useful.
    Health, Magic and Fire: You'll want to increase all three skills to the maximum by collecting Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, and Minotaur Horns. These items can be found in grey chest throughout the game. There are a total of 15 Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, and Minotaur Horns for you to collect and each skill increases for every 5 collected

    The game is smart when you're dying: If you happen to be dying a certain number of times repeatedly over and over again at the same checkpoint and your health is below about 85%. The game will detect that you're having a difficult time killing the enemies and will restore your health meter to about 85% as a way to secretly help you. The game will also do this if your health is over 85% and will instead lower your health meter. In a way, this is a double edge sword for you or against you.

    Blocking: If you're receiving too much punishment from enemies' attacks, then try to block their attacks by holding down the L1 Button button. Doing this will help you block many attacks, or you can reflect projectile attacks and even parry enemy attacks back at them with you pressed the L1 Button button at the right timing. Be careful when blocking because certain attacks are completely unblockable.

    Evading enemies attacks: The Right Stick button is your friend and you should become accustomed to using it to dodge attacks.

    Grabbing move: You can spam the grab move by pressing the Circle Button button to weaken or to instantly kill certain enemies. Also note that other enemies cannot or will not attack you until your grab animation is finished. Certain enemies you can repeatedly press the Circle Button button over and over again until you killed them, then move on to another enemy and repeat. This makes Hard Mode much easier for you if you’re facing numerous enemies at once. Do be careful though that sometimes you'll have to complete a QTE before you can kill an enemy after grabbing them.

    Thera's Bane: Is a very handy weapon in the game for it has the ability to set enemies on fire. The best thing about it is that it also places explosive cores onto the enemies it damages. These explosive cores will simultaneously explode damaging all enemies near the one being exploded. This is a great way to weaken groups of enemies and to thin the crowd. It's also able to stun certain enemies briefly, leaving them open to receive more punishment.
    Invulnerability: Take advantage of either the Eye of Atlantis or the Horn of Boreas invulnerability. When you perform these magic skills you won't take any damage from enemies.

    Arms of Sparta: Although this is a one-on-one combat type of weapon. It's powerfully fast and agile as it deals more damage than the Blades of Athena. You'll want to max this weapon out as fast as possible when you receive it. The best thing about the weapon is that it's able to be thrown at enemies as well as allowing Kratos to move while blocking.

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