Heartless trophy in God of War: Ghost of Sparta


Rip out 10 Keres Wraith enemy hearts

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How to unlock the Heartless trophy

  • EmpathicMIMICEmpathicMIMIC50,902
    28 Jul 2013 29 Jul 2013 30 Jul 2013
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    The Keres Wraith are the demonic women that hover around, sometimes go underground, and are somewhat annoying to deal with. If you damage them enough they will fall down and begin crawling away from you as the "O" appears above them (mini-game). Simply press "O" and you will rip out their hearts.

    There are enough in the campaign, however if you missed this (like I did) you can unlock this enemy to fight in the arena with enough red orbs in the Treasure room of Zeus (the option directly below the arena under the treasures menu).

    Once in the arena, you can set two groups of 4 of these things to fight and knock this trophy out in no time.

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    Unless you also say which orb is this unlockable and how much it costs this guid is of damn little use, I'm standing in the temple of Zeus right now and it turns out all unlockables are unnamed before you buy them!
    Posted on 30 Sep 15 at 13:58
    It took me a LOT of trouble but it's the third statue from the left, it costs 75000 orbs. Luckily I could quit the game and restart because it does not automatically save the opened orbs, but I still wasn't at 75k myself yet so I had to do some challenges in the hopes that it was in a 75k one and not a higher one.

    I suggest you add the information to the solution to save everyone else the trouble of finding this out afterwards.
    Posted on 01 Oct 15 at 06:55
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  • Temple_JonesTemple_Jones47,189
    01 Jul 2016 22 Jun 2016
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    Solution above pretty much sums it up, but just finishing transferring playstationtrophies.org's solutions over to this site, as true trophies needs proliferation with more solutions.

    The Keres Wraiths are the deadly minions of Thanatos. These are the most annoying enemies in the game as they're capable of attacking Kratos from underground at long range. Plus they have a rush attack that is hard to dodge or block. This trophy requires you to lower their health until they fall down and have the Circle Button prompt above them. The best method to kill them is to parry with L1 Button when they raise their arms and the yellow circle appears under them. Once you parry, rush in and attack them. Be careful using full combos as you may accidentally kill them without getting a chance to rip out their heart. When the Circle Button prompt appears above their head, quickly rush to them and press the Circle Button button to have Kratos viciously stabs it in the back, ripping its heart out. You can earn this trophy in the story mode of your first playthrough, but if not, visit the Combat Arena found in the Treasures options. Note: It'll cost 75,000 Red Orbs from the Temple of Zeus to unlock the Keres Wraiths in Combat Arena.

    PRO tip: Use the arms of sparta: Spear Assault (Air) on the wraiths ( upgrade the arms of sparta to do extra damage) ( hold R1 and press square whilst in the air)

    The main problem with wraiths is when they get knocked over they use the extremly cheap grabby slash move that take of 25% of your health(almost)
    you cant use spear assualt on the ground as the other wraith will cut you up

    hitting them with spear assault from the air means they never get knocked over limiting them to two attack which are easily avoidable from the air, you can use air assault multiple times.
    when the circle shows up roll over to them and remove their heart! easy

    All credit goes to orginal authors at playstationtrophies.org, and this is merely updating truetrophy fans with these guides. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/god-of-war-ghost-of-...
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