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Alpha Omega

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Alpha Omega

Nuketown Hustle trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Nuketown Hustle

In Alpha Omega, unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine by round 5

Nuketown Hustle0
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How to unlock the Nuketown Hustle trophy

  • xMC0RExxMC0REx
    Locked 19 Jul 2019
    Hi all,

    I'll be giving you a good strategy on how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch at round 5, with an easy accessible loadout. You can earn this trophy playing on Casual, and I did it solo. Now, I played zombies quite a bit, so I might have an advantage but the strategy still stands as it is.

    I had the following elixers active when attempting this achievement:
    - Temporal Gift (Free elixir, very important to have if you get lucky enough to get a Double Points drop)
    - Extra Credit (Rare Elixir which drops 1250 points, popped one at the start of Round 1 & 2)
    - Headscan (Free elixir, headshots have a chance of insta-killing)
    - Always Done Swiftly (Free elixir, aim quickler and move quicer while aiming down sights)

    I just prestiged, so I didn't have access to the Strife pistol which I highly recommend. If you've leveled it enough to earn the operator mod, you'll have access to a Stiletto Knife which is a one-hit kill until round 8 approximately. You can buy this gun for 500 points in the spawning area. I also had an amulet which allowed my to have a level 2 special weapon, I used the Ragnaroks but either one would work fine.

    The amulet, Extra Credit elixir and Operator Mod on the Strife are not required, but they are helpful.

    Round breakdown:
    Round 1: Knife zombies to earn maximum points
    Round 2: Shoot once and knife for maximum points
    Round 3: Shoot twice for maximum points, turn on the power, open up the generator area and start the lockdown sequence
    Round 4: If you weren't able to gain enough points, you can open open the generator area during this wave and start the lockdown sequence
    Round 5: Clear the ventilation system

    More detailed walkthrough:
    Round 1: Knife all the zombies clicking cn_LS for maximum points and open up the first two barriers from Site Entrance to APD Interrogation and from the Transfusion Facility garden into the house.

    Round 2: Shoot the zombies once and knife until you have one remaining. Open the door from Transfusion Facility house to Center Street and buy the debris blocking the access to Cul-de-Sac and turn on the power in the back of this area.

    Round 3: Open up the door to Yellow House Downstairs and cross the room to open up the area to the Yellow House Backyard. From here, you can access the bunker so descend the stairs. You'll enter the Lounge, follow the path to Beds and keep left and buy the debris to enter the Generator area.

    Round 4: Activate the sequence by interacting by holding cn_X. Survive for one minute (buy the Maddox assault rifle if you need too). The round will probably end after the sequence but don't panic, you can still unlock this trophy during round 5.

    Round 5: If you look up, you'll see some green smoke coming out of chimney's. There are 6 houses and you'll need to turn the valve in 4 of them which are randomly picked (if I'm not mistaken). Ignore the "slow zombies" so you don't end the round, but look out for crawlers on rooftops (toss a few grenades in their directions if you still need that related achievement). Clearing the ventilation system is easy: hold cn_X on a red valve until the meter is in green. You'll probably be attacked by green/yellow-infused zombies, use your specialist weapon to keep yourself safe since you can still interact with the valve once you've activated them. Interacting with 4 valves will trigger another automated voice, and your trophy will soon unlock.

    I wrote this guide whilst playing, and I'm going to post a video soon with some more explanation. Should you have more questions, don't hesitate to post a comment or to send me a message.

    Take care!
    - MCore
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  • MrWilliamThorMrWilliamThor
    09 Jul 2019 10 Jul 2019
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