Overwhelming Sage trophy in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS3)

Overwhelming Sage

You've acquired S Rank in "Battle Between the Sage God".

Overwhelming Sage0
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How to unlock the Overwhelming Sage trophy

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    S ranks are primarily driven by how much health you have remaining and the number of stars you have from the quick time events at the end of the fight. Oddly enough, the more stars you get the more health you recover. That said, you'll naturally want all of the stars you can get. Quick time events occur when the character icon begins to flash, so be ready once you see this.

    This fight is shortly after you begin playing as Jiraiya and make your way through the rain village. You'll be facing off against Pain, the man with the orange hair shortly after facing Konan. You'll notice early on that he is mounted on a giant crab, making this fight a bit trickier right from the start. You're expected to move in on the crabs side and attack there, as a straightforward assault won't do you any good. He'll occasionally descend in to the waters, just wait for him to emerge and attack his sides again until he launches a bird at you. These events will make it so you stun him for a time if you succeed, so pay careful attention for your chance to strike. You can also attack his front while he's stunned, just make sure to unleash as much damage as possible on him while he's in this state! After defeating the crab it's time for a QTE, the inputs are as follows...

    Triangle Triangle O
    Right Up O
    O X Triangle
    Square Square Triangle O

    This next phase will have you doing something you aren't used to, however it isn't too trying. You'll be taking on 3 opponents. Personally, I just ran away and used the R1 support as you can aim it at them for some insane damage. It also helps take out all 3 at once, which is something you have to keep in mind otherwise they'll keep attacking you. Try to keep them together, as you have to not only lower their health to 0 but also press triangle nearby their downed bodies to finish them. After this...you'll have to put in these inputs for another QTE.

    X Triangle Left
    Circle Circle Triangle Square
    L1 R1 Triangle O
    Mash O

    After this, you'll have a cutscene and the secret factor followed by a fight you simply cannot win. After taking enough damage, you'll have to mash O one more time and you'll then hopefully have both your S rank and the trophy!
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