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How to unlock the One Percenter trophy

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    It's pretty fristrating at times visibily working on trophies for this game. However, the platinum isn't actually that hard.

    The best thing to remember is that each of the story missions are set within the Yellow markers on the map. Orange are Jobs and are optional, but you need to do these as they unlock to gain the platinum. These jobs include the "bounties" and "Marauders" side stories.

    Use Cascade to get the majority of the trophies.
    Start by doing the collectibles, Historical Markers are the easiest to find and if you see any Stones standing in a pile, kick them down, as these will cut the time down for the trophy,
    Days GoneGo Kick RocksThe Go Kick Rocks trophy in Days Gone worth 25 pointsKnock down 12 Anarchist Cairns

    This is also a prime time to start:
    Days GoneWorld's EndThe World's End trophy in Days Gone worth 48 pointsComplete the World's End storyline

    Which is for activating the NERO Checkpoints. Your first one of these will also unlock,
    Days GoneBetter Living through ChemistryThe Better Living through Chemistry trophy in Days Gone worth 16 pointsUpgrade either your Health, Stamina, or Focus for the first time

    Then find and take out all the Ambush camps for useful upgrades and a new safehouse, and also starts you off towards:
    Days GoneAmbush Camp HunterThe Ambush Camp Hunter trophy in Days Gone worth 50 pointsComplete the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline

    Next tackle the Infestations, at the start of the game, these are a tint bit of a nightmare and the Graveyard also has a Horde standing guard over it. So, It's best to go during the day and use hit and run tactics rather than fighting the Freakers that escape the flames.
    This starts the trophy
    Days GoneInfestation ExterminatorThe Infestation Exterminator trophy in Days Gone worth 48 pointsComplete the Infestation Exterminator storyline

    Taking out all three of these groups in Cascade also unlocks:
    Days GoneWelcome to the Party, PalThe Welcome to the Party, Pal trophy in Days Gone worth 42 pointsClear all Ambush Camps, Infestations, and NERO Checkpoints in a single region

    By proxy, you'll have to remove a horde before doing one of the NERO checkpoints unlocking:
    Days GoneOne DownThe One Down trophy in Days Gone worth 40 pointsDefeat your first Horde

    Do you like my collection
    Make sure you hunt down all the character collectibles, NERO recorders and Historical markers, as well as the Herbology plants which will unlock:
    Days GoneFinders KeepersThe Finders Keepers trophy in Days Gone worth 15 pointsUnlock your first collectible

    Keep doing this in each new area of the map, you now don't need to worry about Hordes, unless you want to boost your XP.
    By the midway point of Lost Lake (the 3rd area) you should hit:
    Days GoneWannabe Fortune HunterThe Wannabe Fortune Hunter trophy in Days Gone worth 23 pointsUnlock over 50% of the collectibles

    Then if you apply this to the Southern regions:
    Days GoneThe Broken RoadshowThe The Broken Roadshow trophy in Days Gone worth 52 pointsUnlock over 75% of collectibles

    Leveling up
    Best way to do this is to kill Hordes intermitently and do all side missions on top of the mainstory.

    Days GoneDon't Stop Me NowThe Don't Stop Me Now trophy in Days Gone worth 16 pointsUnlock your first skill

    Days GoneI'm Out of ControlThe I'm Out of Control trophy in Days Gone worth 20 pointsUnlock 15 skills

    Days GoneThere's No Stopping MeThe There's No Stopping Me trophy in Days Gone worth 21 pointsUnlock 30 skills

    Days GoneMr. FahrenheitThe Mr. Fahrenheit trophy in Days Gone worth 50 pointsUnlock 45 skills

    Killing Spree
    The Kill trophies are actually a little easier than you'd expect in a zombie game.

    Use Ambush camps and Marauder camps to boost.
    Days GoneGhost of FarewellThe Ghost of Farewell trophy in Days Gone worth 21 pointsGet 100 stealth kills

    You can also use unsuspecting Zombies in a boost for this. Only Melee stealth kills count.

    The easiest one is:
    Days GoneOld ReliableThe Old Reliable trophy in Days Gone worth 22 pointsKill 200 Enemies with a Crafted Weapon

    Just keep raiding the Ambush Camps, Some of the more powerful ones in this storyline are one hit kills on low level Freakers and Humans.

    Days GoneVariety is the Spice of LifeThe Variety is the Spice of Life trophy in Days Gone worth 52 pointsKill an enemy with every type of crossbow bolt

    Just remember that both Poison and residue bolts take time to kill the person, so don't get bored and kill them outright.

    Days GoneHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Days Gone worth 45 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    Gain the Melee upgrade in tier V to unlock double boot knife damage. Then the easiest to fight hand to hand after a bit of weakening with guns is the Breaker. His attacks are predictable unlike the other two and they are normally alot easier to outwit.

    We are family
    Don't be disheartened if you haven't got a camp to Allied status before you go South.
    The Lake Diamond camp is the easiest in the game to unlock this on
    Days GoneBest Friends ForeverThe Best Friends Forever trophy in Days Gone worth 44 pointsReceive the Allied Trust status with an Encampment

    When you go North again, it's really easy to get them all to allied.
    Days GoneBest Friends Forever (For Life)The Best Friends Forever (For Life) trophy in Days Gone worth 145 pointsGain the Allied Trust status with three different Encampments

    We are Alive
    Days GoneSurviving isn't LivingThe Surviving isn't Living trophy in Days Gone worth 21 pointsRescue 10 survivors
    Requires 10 survivors to be saved.
    There's two ways you can earn progress to this.
    Doing the side stories for "Protecting the weak" and finding random encounters for saving someone from an camp or Freaker attack and sending them to an camp.
    If you find an group in captivity then all four will count towards this.

    Days GoneBurnout ApocalypseThe Burnout Apocalypse trophy in Days Gone worth 26 pointsUse nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds

    This can only be unlocked after gained Allied status with Diamond Lake and unlocking the Nitrous Upgrade 3 for your bike. Then using it during a drift for 5seconds.

    Days GoneFarewell DriftThe Farewell Drift trophy in Days Gone worth 25 pointsAccumulate 10 minutes of drifting while on your bike

    There are two great guides for this but you can do this in natural gameplay, as I did.
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    darkchris23so where can I find the guide to make this a little easier so im not completely lostsmile
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