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The Collection

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How to unlock the The Collection trophy

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    I combined all the guides that others posted under each pickup trophy and also found a Youtube video.
    Pickup 1: Level 0.3
    The first pickup is to the bottom right of the first block you have to jump over. Simply clear the obstacle, drop to the floor and then move back the left.

    Pickup 2: Level 0.5
    The second pickup is to the left of the starting location above the water. Move to the left and jump to reach the pickup. You will die in the process.

    Pickup 3: Level 1.8
    After getting over the two puddles of water and falling a level down, you'll meet a hurdle where you need to let Thomas and John help Chris getting up - only John can reach the trophy here after you've helped the other guys.

    Pickup 4: Level 1.9
    After using the elevators, the trophy is at the top right. Use John to grab it - it might take some tries before reaching it, but no foul and harm, easy to get back up.

    Pickup 5: Level 2.4
    As the water level raises you will see 4 blocks and off to the left you will find the trophy. You need to jump off Claire and grab it then jump back on or just die.

    Pickup 6: Level 2.9
    As you come up the elevator on the right, just before you make the last jump you will see the trophy all the way up top right under the spikes. It's possible to grab it and jump off but really isn't hard to get back if you die.

    Pickup 7: Level 3.4
    Near the top, just to the right of where Laura finishes you will see it hiding in the corner.

    Pickup 8: Level 3.8
    When you get to the section with the 4 moving blocks, get on the top right block and when it's at its highest point jump up and right and you will see the trophy.

    Pickup 9: Level 4.4
    After you pass the 3rd check point and the level opens out, the trophy pickup is just under the 2nd block down on the right hand side.

    Pickup 10: Level 4.8
    As the level starts quickly change from John to Claire and drop off John, change back to John and jump left for the pickup before the spiked left wall move past it.

    Pickup 11: Level 5.1
    Instead of jumping up the blocks at the end of the level it right at the end of the platform, just above the block with the end of level goal on it.

    Pickup 12: Level 5.4
    At the start of the level switch from James to Thomas and jump, the pickup is right above Thomas.

    Pickup 13: Level 6.2
    After pressing the 2nd switch double jump to the medium sized block to the left, the pickup is over the middle of this block so double jump to collect the pickup.

    Pickup 14: Level 6.7
    Is's over the spikes in the centre of the level, just drop off to collect, you will have to die to collect it.

    Pickup 15: Level 7.1
    The pickup is just above Chris but he can't jump high enough, place Laura under it and bounce John up to reach it.

    Pickup 16: Level 7.10
    In an alcove on the roof just before you reach the goal, John can easily jump for it.

    Pickup 17: Level 8.5
    After dropping into the liquid, jump onto the block with the check point on it, change so you have a red strips and drop back into the liquid to the right of the check point, you need to die to get this pickup.

    Pickup 18: Level 8.10
    From the start drop down and change to the purple strips, double jump up to the top, then drop down to the first ledge on the right, then jump lest to get the pickup by the left wall.

    Pickup 19: Level 9.2
    From the start of the level change to the blue strips and float over the first pool of liquid, pass through the check point and change back to being all grey, the pickup at the bottom of the second pool of liquid by the right hand wall, as you drop in the current will push you to the left so hold right as soon as you hit the liquid to reach the pickup.

    Pickup 20: Level 9.10
    Change to the character with the green strips fall up as far as you can in the first section, jump up the block going to the right, you will now be in a very large area, fall up as far as you can and head for the upper left hand corner, the pick up is just a little way in from the left wall the you can reach with a jump.
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