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Drone Buff

Recover 55 M.I.A. drones

Drone Buff0
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How to unlock the Drone Buff trophy

  • Slayer1189Slayer1189
    17 Apr 2019 13 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019
    Update - All drones have now been found. This guide has been a collaborative effort between myself, Wachistwo, a thread on GameFaQ's (partial list compiled by Viper187666) with the final 2 drones being found and posted on the Japanese wiki. I may update with better descriptions but otherwise guide complete.

    M.I.A drones are the collectibles in EDF Iron Rain. There are a total of 55. One in each mission and 3 that can be found in the practice area.

    On the mission select screen, you can see in the top right corner of the image if you have the drone as a little icon appears once found. This helps you keep track of what missions you still need.


    Below is the list, which is a combination of my notes and the collaborative efforts noted above;

    1. Straight down the street you start on, on the right side, there are some concrete barriers up on the sidewalk that curve around a bit to block off the sidewalk. There's a drone right behind the first barrier there that blocks the way.
    2: at the top of the large round tower
    3: in the grass inside the small Park area with the brick walkways
    4: left at the start at a tree
    5: Where ship meets cliff
    6: Back alley across the park. Graffiti: Alien, danger zone. You need to fly over or destroy buildings to get to this one.
    7: SW corner of the map, marked by an actual EDF flag
    8: On the ledge above the entrance to the big yellow building
    9: Beside you when you start. You can see this one from the cutscene and it is bright pink so hard to miss
    10: This one is straight ahead a bit from where you start, under the ruins of a very destroyed building before the first fairly intact building you come across. The drone is under a small bit of the building at the left hand side
    11: Platform above an elevator shaft. (The SE elevator shaft)
    12: Platform to the right of the big hole in the wall
    13: From spawn it is just straight forward and slightly to the right on the other side of jumbo rock. Just next to a small rock formation on the ground
    14: Across to the north/left of start in a group of tents. Across the river
    15: At the intersection where you can go left or right and the arrow points right, go left instead. At the end of the pool of water under a small waterfall is the drone
    16: From mission start go straight forward. When you hit the overpass turn left and follow it. You will see a red truck underneath the overpass on the left. Drone is just in front of it on some rubble
    17: Ahead and to the right at the corner boundary of the dunes
    18: Go to the out of bounds zone at the east side of the map. Run along the red line and you will find the drone sandwiched between the red line and a building
    19: Under the bridge next to some black bags at the north end of the map near the boundary.
    20: On the far side of the map on the other side of the riverbed, hidden in a tent
    21: In front of the fuel pumps at the station SE of the rock (the only building on the map)
    22: South east corner next to the parking booth
    23: In the south west corner in the water next to rubble
    24: To your left at the start next to a truck
    25: On top of the fountain near the big skyscraper
    26: Behind you at red line, beside a blue box
    27: From the mission start of the mission, head to the right hand cliffs and start climbing them until you get close to the back of the map. at the 3rd cliff level up, there will be a blue tent and a crate against the final cliff. The drone is inside here once you destroy the tent/box
    28: Next to the western boundary, below the crane (closest crane to the boundary in a cluster of buildings)
    29: last room (on the right side)
    30: outside the base on the ground. Look for a hole in the wall and a notch in red line
    31: South east corner in a small crater just south of the tree mission 4 drone was at
    32: On top of the crane outside of the hole in the wall (crane can be destroyed and it drops just on the other side of the crane remnants still in the boundary)
    33: Around the middle of the east boundary between two dunes, it's lime green and sitting with a bike and fuel can.
    34: far end of the beach
    35: On an outdoor balcony/patio area of a building on the hill to the right from start. Near out of bounds
    36: At the base of a tree immediately to the right of the starting point.
    37: SE corner of the map, near the boundary. In the middle of a courtyard next to a dead bug (the bug is scenery)
    38: Top of the hill to the right of start. Look for lights. It is on a manmade platform.
    39: In front of the bus stop on the right at the end of the trail of gems at the start. It is Red and looks a little like a red gem just past the gem trail
    40: Gas station behind you from start
    41: fenced in near start
    42: From spawn turn left and follow level border. Once you get to a courtyard/park there is some yellow and red graffiti. Drone to the right between two trees
    43: top of the mountain behind you, by lights
    44: Back of the ship on an engine. Off the back of the ship below you
    45:By a rock pile close to red line at the sound end of map, next to a building and some lights
    46: top of the ship
    47: to the right of spawn on a large flat concrete area at the edge of the map
    48: Ahead and slightly to your right as you start the mission (down the hill, in front of the generator on the left side of the dirt road)
    49: between cars at gas station
    50: Near a 3 way junction near a plaza (this one was a bit difficult to explain with it being surrounded by destroyed buildings at the time
    51: Low on the right side
    52: Right side buried near Jet engine

    Practice - There are three that you can find in practice mode. One under the 200M sign, one on top of the control tower and a third in the corner of the map outside the base, under a green tent.


    Second list - At the finishing of this list, The Japanese Wiki posted a full list of all locations, which Google translates pretty well. If you wish to check it for reference/ an alternative decription, see the link below;


    Finally, for those who prefer video, the video below was made by VoltFieber82 on Youtube, who deserves full credit for putting it together

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