Endangered Lizards trophy in Shadow of the Colossus (PS3)

Endangered Lizards

Killed all shining lizards

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How to unlock the Endangered Lizards trophy

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    There are 77 shining lizards scattered throughout the world. These lizards have a white tail that is dropped when killed and picking up the tail gives a slight boost to your stamina bar. There are an infinite amount of respawning normal lizards that have no affect on progress towards this trophy.

    In order to earn this trophy, you must kill all 77 shining lizards in a single playthrough. I suggest that you work towards this trophy in NG+ after completing the game on Normal mode as the shining lizards will be much easier to find and kill.

    Once you get into NG+, you unlock Time Attack mode (accessible inside the Shrine of Worship at each Colossus' statue). After successfully completing 8 time attack scores, you receive the Lizard Detection Stone, which puts a lizard symbol on your map when you are in the vicinity of a shining lizard. These symbols are pretty vague because of how much area they cover on the map and really only serve to give a general location of each lizard, some of which are very difficult to find. I've included a youtube video at the end of the solution that goes through each grid on the map with timestamps to show the exact location of each shining lizard.

    The lizard symbols will disappear from your map when the corresponding lizard is dead.

    After completing all 16 time attack scores, you receive the Flash Arrow, which creates a large explosion when shot. I found that the Flash Arrow was the best way to kill shining lizards as you don't have to hit them on their body as you would with the standard arrow- just shooting near them will be sufficient.

    It is possible to shoot a lizard with the regular arrow and sever its tail but not kill the lizard. When a lizard is killed, it's body will sink into the ground and disappear. I suggest trying to witness this with each lizard to be certain that it is indeed dead.

    NOTE: you must "equip" the Lizard Detection Stone and Flash Arrow by choosing items in the pause menu.

    External image

    This map shows the locations of each Colossus (numbered 1-16), shining lizard, save tower, and fruit tree. I suggest saving it so you can mark off each lizard when you are certain that you have killed it (noting on your in-game map that the symbol has disappeared). This way you aren't left wandering the world hoping to find a lizard symbol after believing you have killed them all.

    There will always be a shining lizard around each save tower and several save towers actually have three lizards that spawn one at a time (in the same location). You can tell this is the case when you kill a shining lizard at a save tower and the symbol doesn't disappear from your map. You can either run away and return (several hundred feet to be safe) or save, exit to menu, and reload the game to get the next lizard to spawn. After killing the third, the lizard symbol on your map will disappear.

    Note that you cannot access the final save tower (and the three shining lizards on it) until defeating the first 15 colossi, so I suggest working through the colossi and killing any lizards around the path you take to each as to not have to spend a bunch of time gallivanting the world. I took a lengthy detour and killed the 20 or so along the southeastern coast and in row 7 of the map on my way to colossus #8.

    Good luck!

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