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Walkie Talkie trophy in Sonic Generations

Walkie Talkie

Chat with each of Sonic's friends you have saved.

Walkie Talkie-0.7
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How to unlock the Walkie Talkie trophy

  • hellbender42hellbender42
    14 Nov 2022 14 Nov 2022 18 Nov 2022
    For this Trophy, you must talk to all of Sonic's friends. Friends can be found in the hub world at the entrance of a level, frozen in time until both acts of a zone are restored by playing as both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, with the exception of the very first zone, which unfreezes a character for completing Act 1 and another for completing Act 2. The rival characters such as Metal Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog don't count, despite the latter two being Sonic's friends, though you'll talk to them regardless since you must accept their challenge so you can take their Chaos Emeralds which are required to fight the final boss. The characters that need to be talked to are.

    Classic Tails
    Location: Green Hill entrance
    Notes: Will only appear when playing as Classic Sonic.

    Modern Tails
    Location: Green Hill entrance
    Notes: Will only appear when playing as Modern Sonic.

    Location: Chemical Plant entrance

    Knuckles the Echidna
    Location: Sky Sanctuary entrance

    Cream the Rabbit
    Location: Speed Highway entrance

    Rouge the Bat
    Location: City Escape entrance

    Espio the Chameleon
    Location: Seaside Hill entrance

    Blaze the Cat
    Location: Crisis City entrance

    Vector the Crocodile
    Location: Rooftop Run entrance

    Charmy Bee
    Location: Planet Wisp entrance
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  • HelpfulAppleHelpfulApple
    05 Jul 2021 11 Jul 2021 11 Jul 2021
    Simple trophy. Once you complete both acts of a stage, it will be fully restored and the white statue standing next to it will return to normal. Planet Wisp is the final stage of the game with an NPC accompanying it, and once you have completed that just walk through the stages and talk to everyone. I’m not sure if Metal Sonic, Shadow and Silver are required for this trophy, but you will earn a trophy for every one of them defeated, so it doesn’t hurt to try. Aside from that, they give you a Chaos Emerald which will be needed for the last boss.
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