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Damir stays with crew.

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Trophy Guide for Hidden Trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed155,961
    21 Feb 2019 22 Feb 2019
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    Damir Checklist:

    • Saves the slaves at the Slave ship
    • Kill the Sniper at the Crane
    • Save the slaves at the water plant (Kill all thugs)
    • Save the slave being beaten by his master on the way up to meet Baron
    • Save the woman being beaten up in the Bar on the way up to meet Baron (This makes the entire base hostile)

    Things that heavily impact his decision to stay:
    • Killing wounded Slavers in the caverns below the Lighthouse
    • Killing wounded Slavers outside the Lighthouse as the lift descends
    • Killing ANY locals
  • busterfrostybusterfrosty486
    17 Feb 2019
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    *Spoilers Below*

    In the Caspian Sea, you will encounter slaves' faction - they are forced to work for the local Baron. These people are innocent, driven by fear. The key to making Damir join us is to rescue the slaves, sneak past them and stun. At the end of the chapter, you will have a few side missions where you have to rescue slaves.

    The photo of Giul's mother is in the bunker you visit during your searches for a satellite map. Give Giul that photo. Thanks to these steps, you will get the good ending at the end of the chapter. Damir will join Artyom's company (the Damir trophy/achievement).

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