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Duke survives.

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Trophy Guide for Hidden Trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed155,961
    20 Feb 2019 20 Feb 2019
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    Duke survival checklist.

    • Save the Cultists trapped in a cage in a bandit warehouse by killing all Bandits.
    • Save the Cultist in the Cage where you are sent to get the guitar for the guys on the train.
    • Escape the Church whilst harming no Paladins (you can however knock them out if they are in your way).
    • Kill all Bandits in all locations
    • Do not kill any traders when raiding the Tugboat.
    • Do not kill any Cultists on the way up to Silantius in the bridge.
  • busterfrostybusterfrosty486
    17 Feb 2019
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    The trophy will unlock at the end of the “Volga” level if duke survives.

    In order to have Duke survive (and unlock the Duke achievement), you’ll have to maintain a good relationship with the locals. Morale has to be either neutral or positive. This means you can’t kill any cultists. It’s OK to knock them out, but killing them will lower the morale, which means Duke might die. So just avoid killing them altogether. Bandits, on the other hand, are fair game, so don’t hold back there.

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