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Long distance passenger

Find the passenger train car.

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Trophy Guide for Long distance passenger

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    Unmissable trophy.
    Volga Level

    Once you have the railcar to tow the carridge you'll have to go get the carridge.

    This is in a Bandit area. They're planning on raiding the Church and selling the Cultists as Slaves. This level seems to be glitched on Ranger Hardcore. (16/2/19)

    Get out of the Railcar a long way away from the bridge with two bandits on it and sneak alongside the left hand side making sure they don't spot you in to a carridge. On the right hand side you'll eventually see a hollow container with chemical plants inside it. Before the entrance to it is a ladder up the side of another carridge. Wait for the two bandits to stop talking and walk down the carridge. Wait for the footsteps to end and climb up, knock out the guard on the end of the carridge and jump back down the ladder you climbed earlier.
    The next enemy seems to be glitched
    The other guard roams the outside. He sometimes stops by the carridge we climbed and stares at the ooen door (which means he'll see you and he's an one shot kill as he carries a shotgun). Sometimes he ignores this carridge, if he does DO NOT engage him until he goes through the carridge on the other side of the track. The game seems to think he's still looking at the door if he ignroes our carridge abd he turns and kills you in one hit if he catches you outside.

    Next, creep around the outside and leave the two guards talking, when they seperate, follow the guard left and knock him out. Climb up in to the building and knock out the guard covering the door. Be careful here as the is a guard on scaffolding to our right. Go in to the carridge and folliw it down and knock the guard out at the end.
    Go back to the bridge at the begging (being careful not to be spotted by the scaffold guard on our way back, now on our left).

    Go back to the opposite side, by an fire is an entryway under the carridge we are here for. There are at least seven guards inside (although on my last and successful run through there were only six.) Move VERY slowly and to the right under the carridge, then under the crawl space. On the right is a guard, wait for his light to turn away, follow him and knock him out, go back to the crawlspace. Infront of us is a way to the roof. Also a guard on the lower level. Wait til you see his light and he turns away. Climb up the scaffolding. Knockout the guard of the outside scaffold we saw earlier on and turn back inside. BE CAREFUL UP HERE, there are three guards and on Ranger Hardcore you need to time this PERFECTLY, if they spot you up here, reload your checkpoint (which should be back by the crawlspace leading to the underside of the carridge, and you'll have to knock the guard on the right out again).

    Knock out the guard that roams the middle and make your way back to the front of the warehouse, knocking out the guard (this room contains our mission waypoint, which we will ignore). Go back and knock out the final few guards and return to the level on the top floor. Go back to the railcar, once it attaches itself to the Carridge, the tropht will unlock.

    tip for Ranger Hardcore
    If you're still struggling and getting killed repeatedly or caught. When you've dealt with the upstairs enemies (leaving the guy on the floor on his Jack) go pull the lever and turn left. There is an exit through the wall on to the roof of a booth and then the floor. You should be able to rush the trophy from here, slam the railcar in to the carridge and drive off, leaving the last guys confused.
    A warning for this method
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