Abstergo Employee of the Month trophy in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3)

Abstergo Employee of the Month

Get every single bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).

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How to unlock the Abstergo Employee of the Month trophy

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    You have quite a bit of work ahead of you for this one. Boosting is a must since you will rarely find a game and if you do it's most likely full of max level players. All bonuses can be aquired in Private Match.

    A lot of these bonuses can be boosted with only two players. Some require up to five. I'll include the ideal number of players to boost a certain bonus with. Might work with less players than pointed out. This is just my personal opinion.

    The bonuses you need to obtain:

    Kill Bonuses

    01. Discreet - Kill your target while in high profile. Simply run in sight of your target but don't start a chase when killing. Check the upper right corner. It'll tell you when you're in Discreet. (2 players)
    02. Silent - Kill your target while in low profile. Kill while being blended in a group or out of a hay bale. You can also walk in sight of your target. Just don't run or do any other stuff that generates attention when going in for the kill. (2 players)
    03. Incognito - Kill your target with no profile. Simply kill your target from a hay bale without them seeing you. Can be done in the Training Program. (2 players)
    04. Acrobatic - Kill your target from an acrobatic position. Easiest way is probably to hang your character from a ledge or some sort of beam and kill a target right below you. (2 players)
    05. Drop kills - Kill your target from a ledge. Hang on a ledge and pull an enemy that is standing above you over the ledge so he falls to his death. (2 players)
    06. Focus - Perform a focus kill. Lock onto your target. When you're in killing range you see the prompt to press cn_S for the kill. Wait until the rim filled completely to get a focus kill. (2 players)
    07. First Blood - Perform the first kill in a match. (2 players)
    08. Revenge - Kill the Templar who killed you last. (4 players)
    09. Hidden - Kill your target while hidden in a group, on a bench, or in a haystack. (2 players)
    10. Poacher - Kill your target with another pursuer less than 10m away. (3 players)
    11. Savior - Kill your target when they are within 10m of their target. (3 players)
    12. Grounded - Kill your target while it's on the ground. As soon as someone else kills or stuns your target walk up to it and press cn_S when prompted to finish it off. (3 players)
    13. Mid-Air - Kill your target in the air with the hidden gun. The Hidden Gun unlocks at Online-Rank 11. Have someone stand on a roof, charge your shot and when it's fully charged have him jump. (2 players)
    14. Poison - Kill your target with poison. Poison unlocks at Online-Rank 29. (2 players)
    15. Intercepted - Another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison kills him. (3 players)

    Action Bonuses

    01. Stun - Identify your pursuer and press cn_O when close to him for a stun. (2 players)
    02. Escape - Have your pusuer chase you in high profile. Now simply get out of sight and wait for the chase meter to deplete to 0. (2 players)
    03. Double Escape - Same as Escape. Just have two pursuers chase you. See Triple Escape for a way to set the match up. (3 players)
    04. Triple Escape - Escape three pursuers that are chasing you in high profile. Set up a private Alliance match with four players. The one going for Triple Escape will be Team 2 by himself since that is the target team. The other three players join Team 1. When the match starts just meet up, have the three pursuers chase in high profile and the target escapes. (4 players)
    05. Close Call - Escape your pursuer when he's less than 10m away. Simply be close to your pursuer when the chase ends. Around a corner or behind a pillar work just fine. (2 players)
    06. Chain - Perform a kill and an Escape within 10 seconds. This is actually what you'll have to do for the Fast Learner Trophy. (3 players)
    07. Lure - Blend in a crowd with at least one look alike. Then have someone else kill the look alike. (2 players)

    08. Variety - Earn 5 different bonuses in one session.
    09. Greater Variety - Earn 10 different bonuses in one session. Other Variety bonuses don't count (Variety is not a valid bonus).
    10. Extreme Variety - Earn 15 different bonuses in one session. Other Variety bonuses don't count (Variety and Greater Variety are no valid bonuses).

    (the Variety bonuses can be done with 3 players but the more people you have the easier it'll be)

    Team Bonuses

    01. Co-Op Kill - Kill a target locked by your teammate.
    02. Diversion - Kill a target who has been chased by your teammate (not you).
    03. Multikill - Your team kills two targets in a row within 10 seconds.
    04. Co-Op Stun - Stun a pursuer locked by your teammate (not you).
    05. Rescue - Stun a pursuer who is chasing your teammate (not you).
    06. Knockout - Your team stuns two targets in a row within 10 seconds.

    (you need 4 players for all the Team Bonuses)

    For a more detailed guide for the Team Bonuses check here:

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3)Role ModelThe Role Model trophy in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3) worth 45 pointsGet all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session (Multiplayer Only).

    You do not need the end bonuses.
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