Decked Out trophy in Apex Legends (PS4)

Decked Out

Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time

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How to unlock the Decked Out trophy

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic3,340
    Locked 12 Feb 2019
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    To unlock the Decked Out trophy in Apex Legends, you must find and equip a legendary (gold coloured) helmet and body armor at the same time.

    If you're playing with friends, it is possible to drop items from your inventory screen and let them pick them up to obtain the trophy as well.

    Both armor and helmets in Apex Legends are separated into four different tiers. The higher the rarity, the more effective it will be on the battlefield. The pickups are completely random, so you will need some luck to find both during a game.

    Apex Legends: Locations for Legendary Helmets and Amor

    Hot Zones: A random location marked with a light blue beacon at the start of each match.
    Supply Ships: They will fly around the map at the start of a match. Its current location will be highlighted on the map, along with a green circular marker to indicate where it will land.
    Care Packages: Dropped throughout the course of the match. The announcer will reveal when one is about to be dropped. They can be located with the blue circular marker on the map.
    Looting Dead Players: When a player is killed, they will drop a loot box containing all of the items from their inventory. If they died with a legendary item, it will have a golden tint.
    Apex Pack Bots: Small spider-like robots that can be found hiding around the map. Kill it and it will drop loot.
    Locations Pickups: Each major location on the map has a tier that is randomly assigned at the start of each match. When you head into a new named location that displays High Tier Loot in purple, there is a chance to find a legendary item on the lay around somewhere withing the area.
    Lifeline Ultimate Ability: Lifeline's ultimate allows her to call in a care package by pressing L1 and L2 at the same time when the meter is full.

    Apex Legends: Helmet and Armor Stats:

    Legendary Helmet (Gold): Reduce Tactical and Ultimate recharge time. Reduce headshot bonus damage by 50%.
    Epic Helmet (Purple): Reduce headshot bonus damage by 50%.
    Rare Helmet (Blue): Reduce headshot bonus damage by 40%.
    Common Helmet (Grey): Reduce headshot bonus damage by 30%.

    Legendary Body Armor (Gold): Using a Finisher fully recharges shields. Absorb 100 damage.
    Epic Body Armor (Purple): Absorb 100 damage.
    Rare Body Armor (Blue): Absorb 75 damage.
    Common Body Armor (Grey): Absorb 50 damage.
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  • ItsHiNoonItsHiNoon67,576
    19 Nov 2020 19 Nov 2020 19 Nov 2020
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    Evo shields are a great update to getting this unlocked as I evolved my purple shield to gold and my squad mate had a gold helmet. So I just put it on for a couple seconds and dropped it back to him and the trophy popped. If you are having trouble locating a gold shield try to find a purple if able and use sniper poke damage to evolve it from safety. Good luck!
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