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The Daughters of Lalaia

Complete The Daughters of Lalaia.

The Daughters of Lalaia-0.3
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How to unlock the The Daughters of Lalaia trophy

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    To unlock The Daughters of Lalaia trophy in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you need to have Update 1.1.1 installed and have completed at least Chapter 5 of the main quest.

    The first quest of this arc, A Gathering Storm, can be found in the village of Lalaia in the Valley of the Nymph, which the northern sub-region of Phokis. Luckily the Kephisos Spring fast travel point is right next to it. Speak to Magistrate Periktione to start.

    A Gathering Storm
    If you choose to get Periktione to decide what to do (and possibly if you choose the alternative option too -- I haven't yet checked), she will ask you to find the missing hunters. They are at Lamia Bandit Camp almost directly east of the village. Clear the camp and free the prisoner, then lead her a short way from the camp. Talk to the prisoner and then return to Periktione.

    Sharp Lessons
    Talk to Thyia at the foot of the spring to start this quest. Defeat Thyia in combat to continue. There are hanky-panky options if you want to pursue said hanky-panky.

    You now have two quests to complete in whichever order you wish.

    Learning the Land
    Talk to the hunters beyond the cliffs of the spring. Follow them on horseback for a while. Kill five animals in the area -- use Ikaros to find some. Then talk to the hunters.

    The Ore of Aphrodite
    Talk to Methiadusa in the village. You need to go and get 5 samples of Aphrodite's Ore from the Persian Remnants cave in the Hot Gates of Thermopylae area -- annoyingly there's no fast travel point particularly close, so either jump on a horse and ride there or grab your ship from nearby Lokris Overwatch in the sub-region of Red Lake Bay and sail west.

    Head inside the cave and jump to the ledge to the left of the water. There's an ore sample in the wall up a couple more ledges. Go back to the water and head across, the second sample is on the far side of the pillar of rock in the centre of the chamber. There's a third on the far side of a much smaller pillar of rock in the next chamber to the south. Beyond that, head up a couple of ledges on the right to find the fourth sample. Finally, there's a sample hidden away on a small ledge behind the conical pillar on the left side. Fast-travel back to Kephisos Spring and talk to Methiadusa. Choose whether she should focus on weapons or armour.

    The Best Defense
    Talk to Periktione and then choose to either kill the scouts or deal with some weapons caches. I chose the latter (note -- this will lead to you not getting your hanky-panky at the end of the quest if that's a concern). Your target is a short ride east in the Herklea Bandit Camp -- a pretty straightforward clear-out. Note that one of the caches is in a crevasse off the eastern edge of the raised main camp. Head back to Periktione when you're done.

    Blood for Aphrodite
    Assuming you took the same path as above, speak to Periktione to start this quest. Head up the hill and defeat all the enemies you can find. Eventually you will be prompted to talk to Thyia. Follow her into the village. After the scene, find Thyia again to complete the quest.

    The trophy will unlock shortly after you complete Blood for Aphrodite.
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